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Fleming unseats Hein; Brookens easily wins over Green

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Challenger Roger K. Fleming won in a landslide over incumbent Marion County Commissioner Bob Hein in the Republican primary Tuesday, 879 to 249. Meanwhile, state Rep. J. Robert Brookens successfully defended his position against challenger Cheryl Green.

“I appreciate all the voters who got out and showed who they want to represent them,” Fleming said after results were posted.

He said he wanted to thank Hein for running a clean campaign and for years of service to the county. Fleming said getting up to speed on county issues before he takes office in January will be his first priority. There were no Democratic candidates for county commission.

Turnout for the election was about 40 percent of registered voters, as 3,014 were cast out of 7,564 registered voters.

Brookens defeats Green

Brookens and a crowd of supporters were disappointed by results from Butler County that showed Green leading 3-1 early. Brookens said he expected that result because Green resides in Butler County. The Butler County results put Brookens in a 300-vote deficit.

Brookens gained ground on Green when Chase County reported results. The tally from Chase County was 370 to 273 in Brookens’ favor.

Brookens gained another 99 votes when Marion County advance ballots were reported, 183 to 84. Those results held true for the rest of the county, as the incumbent won in the county, 2,052 to 925.

Combined with Butler and Chase counties’ results, Brookens won, 2,580 to 1,673.

“I appreciate all the hard work that a bunch of people did for this district and the state of Kansas,” Brookens said. “They understood it was not just about them; it was about all of Kansas.”

He said the comments he heard most on the campaign trail were from people who appreciated his willingness to discuss the issues on their minds.

There were no candidates in the Democratic primary.

National races

Rep. Jerry Moran led Rep. Todd Tiahrt in the race to succeed Sen. Sam Brownback, 1,777 to 1,058 in the county. Tom Little received 87 votes, and Robert Londerholm received 47.

The winner will face the winner of a five-way Democratic race in the general election

State Sen. Jim Barnett led Republican candidates for Moran’s House of Representatives seat, with 1,074 votes. Tim Huelskamp received 920; Tracey Mann, 459; Rob Wasinger, 288; Sue Boldra, 102; and Marck Cobb, 84.

Democrat Alan Jilka awaits the winner in the general election.

State races

Brownback easily won the Republican primary for governor, defeating Joan Heffington, 2,137 to 400 in Marion County. The winner will face Democrat Tom Holland in the November election.

J.R. Claeys led the Republican race for secretary of state with 1,012 votes in the county. Kris Kobach received 808 votes, and Elizabeth Ensley, 576. The winner will face the winner between Democrats Chris Biggs and Chris Steineger. Biggs led, 225 to 58 at press time.

Derek Schmidt led Ralph J. DeZago in the Republican primary for attorney general, 1,371 to 858. The winner will face Democratic incumbent Steve Six in the November election.

Sandy Praeger led David J. Powell in the commissioner of insurance primary, 1,575 to 845. There was no Democratic candidate.

Kenneth R. Willard led M.T. Liggett, 269 to 62, to represent District 7 on the State Board of Education. There was no Democratic candidate.

Republican Jana Shaver will face Democrat Robert E. Medford in the race to represent District 9 on the State Board of Education.

Marion County Commissioners will count 52 provisional ballots during canvassing of the election, 8:30 a.m. Friday.

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