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Father, son enjoy car show

Staff writer

Peter Smith, 6, looked at the cars at the Route 56 Classic Car Show knowing that one day he would own one of the hotrods.

“My dad said he’d get me one when I got bigger,” the 6-year-old said. “I don’t know what I want yet, but I want it to be blue. Blue’s my favorite color.”

Smith walked hand-in-hand with his father, Jason Smith of Wichita Falls, Texas, as they looked at the more than 20 vehicles Saturday at the park. Car enthusiasts from all over the state brought their prized possession to the show for one purpose: to educate the public.

Bill Scholl of Abilene spent more than 35 minutes talking with the Smiths about his 1971 Volkswagen. The car was light blue, and attracted the curious youngster’s attention.

“My wife picked it,” Scholl said. “She saw a car that had this exact color and wanted it, so that’s what she got. We fitted her with a pair of fuzzy dice. Now, we just go everywhere with it. A couple days ago we had her in a show in Illinois.”

Peter Smith circled the car, admiring the color and finish.

“It’s pretty,” he said.

However, the Volkswagen was not the only car that caught the youngster’s eye.

He ran off to look at a 1936 Chevy Wagon, owned by Cindy Wolff.

Jason Smith said his whole purpose in bringing his son out to the car show was two-fold: to show him some great old cars and to get him interested in them.

“When he’s older I want to work with him on one, get it fixed up,” he said. “I did it with my father, and I think it’s a great bonding thing fathers can do with their sons. Some of the best conversations came when we were tinkering away in the garage.”

The Smiths left the park, glad they had stopped. Peter said he enjoyed seeing the cars, and Jason said he enjoyed seeing his son developing an interest in antique cars.

“I think, as a father, you always want your son to love what you love,” he said. “I’m just lucky that my son enjoys cars too.”

Last modified June 13, 2013