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Family members visit Ammeter farm

Contributing writer

On Jan. 4, Melody and Steve Magette arrived at the Ammeter farm to spend the day and take LaVonne to the doctor. Stan Ammeter was an evening visitor.

Melody Magette returned Jan. 5 to spend the night and early on Jan. 6 took LaVonne to St. Luke Hospital for a procedure. Melody returned home in the late afternoon.

On Jan. 7, Blaine Ammeter arrived at LaVonne’s to spend the weekend. B.J. Ammeter returned after the Kansas State University football game and Myron and Sally stopped by on their way to Manhattan from the ball game. They also visited Opal Craney at Peabody Care Center.

B.J. and Blaine were dinner guests on Jan. 8 and Blaine left for Ellinwood late afternoon. Michele Boese came to visit later in the evening.

On Jan. 10, LaVonne and B.J. went to Peabody for groceries and medicine.

Last modified Jan. 19, 2012