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Fall crop good but not great

Staff writer

Area farmers are still busy harvesting milo, beans and some late corn.

Most of the grain is coming from fields that were planted after wheat harvest as a double crop.

According to manager John Ottensmeier at the Marion’s Cooperative Grain and Supply elevator, bean yields have been good but not as good as some predicted the plentiful rains would yield.

“Fields that were expected to yield 60 bushels yielded 35 to 40 bushels,” he said.

A bright spot is the cash price, which is higher than a year ago. Beans were $7.45 a bushel a year ago and were $8.37 on Monday.

Perry Gutsch, branch manager with Agri-Trails Co-op in Lincolnville, said they have been receiving mostly milo, but soybeans and some late corn has also been brought in.

“There are 15 or 20 guys out there cutting or pecking away at something, he said.

Their efforts have yielded “a pretty good-sized harvest,” he said.

“We have been seeing soybeans at about 50 or a little better. Corn is in the 120 range,” he said.

Prices for milo are a little low at only $3.15 a bushel, with $3.53 a bushel for corn, he said.

“It’s still being sold — a fair amount,” he said. “People have bills that have got to be paid.”

Last modified Nov. 7, 2019