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Everyone should pay and know

When discussing ways to fund a new jail, the county jail committee discussed a tax just for homeowners because it believed it was unfair to tax business owner twice β€” at home and at the store. The problem is, many businesses are owned by people living outside the county.

We commend Commissioners Dan Holub and Randy Dallke for responding to public comments and proposing fair taxation for everyone β€” including out-of-town business owners. It’s a good example of what happens when people talk about public issues.

Two weeks ago, this newspaper reported that the jail committee urged citizens to comment to newspapers about the jail project. Those comments would be shared with the committee, commission, and our readers to determine the best plan.

Ignore the fact that a week later, a rival newspaper tried to make readers believe it and it alone had been tasked with assembling public comment. The matter was clarified at the next jail committee meeting: All county newspapers, including this one, were asked to collect comments.

This paper, unlike our rival, will share submitted comments with our readers after giving them to officials. We believe it is important for everyone to be informed, not just the commission and committee.

We welcome your letters and comments.

β€” susan berg

Last modified June 18, 2009