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Entertainment in store for Day in the Park

Staff writer

The celebration Saturday to recognize the National Register of Historic Places designation granted to Peabody City Park will offer something for just about everyone in attendance.

The event, sponsored by the Peabody Historical Society, will begin at 2 p.m. with opening remarks by Peabody Mayor Larry Larsen.

A firefighters’ competition will begin at 3 p.m. toward the back of the park with team events pitting the Peabody Fire Department against the Walton Fire Department. Teams of fire fighters will have timed races to see which group can get into their bunker gear the fastest. There will an obstacle course requiring a team of firefighters to complete routine jobs quicker than the other. Each team will attach a rope to pickup truck in neutral gear and attempt to pull it backwards farther and faster than the other team. A barrel will be placed on a cable strung between two trees and the teams will shoot it with water from their hoses, trying to move it past a certain point on cable closest to the opposing team.

“We haven’t decided for sure how many other competitions there might be,” said Tim Peterson, chairman for the event. “Since we have never done these games before, we aren’t sure how long they take. But we plan to put on a fun show and have a good time.”

Organizers encourage everyone to bring a lawn chair and watch the firefighters’ games.

Also on the grounds for the public’s enjoyment will be antique cars, the “Anything Flower Show” in the original Floral Exhibition Hall of the 1885 State Fair, pony rides, kid’s games, and a panel of antique experts to evaluate antiques and collectibles.

A “Health Department of Days Gone By” will set up under a tent to offer helpful exercises from Dr. Calisthenics and soothing massages from the Olympic Gold ‘Rub’ Doctor. The public is encouraged to visit the tent before the firefighters need medical assistance.

Cowboy tunes and songs of old will be performed by local entertainers, Chance English, Bennie Holtsclaw, Mike Flavin, Virgil Lewis, Shane Marler, and Lindsey Marshall, and perhaps others.

Food and drink will be sold by the historical society during the day.

Brian McDowell, popular Master of Ceremonies for many local events, will do the honors for the Day in the Park as well.

An admission fee of $2 will be charged. The public is encouraged to attend, help recognize another designated historic area, and enjoy a look at entertainment as it used to be when the park was young.

Last modified Sept. 27, 2012