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Enough already

It’s winter. We get it. It’s supposed to snow, be cold, and make everyone a little cranky.

But, this isn’t Montana or North Dakota.

This is Kansas — the center of the universe — where the weather changes every 15 minutes or at least every other day.

We’re supposed to have unseasonably cold weather and then unseasonably mild.

It’s supposed to baffle the weather forecasters, with all of their high tech gadgets, who struggle to give an accurate forecast two days in a row.

You know? Kansas!

About everyone I’ve talked to, even those who don’t mind the winter weather, is sick and tired of seeing snow and fog — and then some more snow — and then some more fog.

On top of everything else, the ground hog saw his shadow last week, supposedly signaling another six weeks of winter.

My father used to say the reason he liked the four seasons was because he was always ready for the next one to begin.

I agree; it’s like a renewal of the human spirit — the first really warm day after a perpetually cold winter; those long summer days with daylight past the time most of us go to bed at night; a cool breeze marking the beginning of fall (and football); and the first blanket of snow in winter (hard to get excited about it now).

All in all, we are blessed to see nature in all her splendor and the bounty of vegetation and amazing sunsets.

However, if someone was to offer me a trip to the Bahamas, I would be gone.

— Susan Berg

Last modified Feb. 11, 2010