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Enjoying shopping spree season

You know how life sometimes smacks you around when you least expect it? That happened to me during the past week, but I figured out a way to make it work and here is how I did it.

I got into my car the day after Thanksgiving and there was a strange bright signal on my dash screen. Before leaving the driveway, I consulted the instruction book that came with my vehicle and found out I was on borrowed time with my engine. Well, that did not seem to be the best news of the day. The instruction book told me that if this light came on and did not later shut off, I should see my mechanic because there was likely to be ‘an issue with my engine’. I assumed that meant that life was about to change.

I waited 24 hours, thinking the darn thing might just fix itself. Sometimes that happens, you know. Well no, it really does not, but I always think it might. On day two with the darned engine light still on the dash screen, I finally drove to my local mechanic for his well-schooled opinion. Turns out, he has this computer deal that tells him what is going on with a car. He said to me, “There is an issue with your engine.” However, I knew that. He plugged in some other information and a few computer wires and there was the answer. My battery was fading fast. Now I would have thought that a battery symbol would have popped up on my dash screen to let me know this. Silly me, that is apparently not how a vehicle owner is warned of a battery problem.

Anyway, he hustled up information necessary to tell me which kind of battery I needed, luckily had one in stock, and in 15 minutes I was out of there and the engine light was gone. Isn’t it great when that stuff works?

In addition, another great thing happened. I got 18 Shopping Spree tickets. Gosh, I was not even going to try for the winning ticket this year. However, 18 tickets with signature marks from my mechanic is a terrific start to the Shopping Spree season. I know, of course, the battery really does not represent a holiday gift purchase, but then again, I might just consider it my Christmas present to myself.

I do have several local purchases yet to make and I think I will likely fill up the rest of those cards. Since Peabody Gazette-Bulletin is a participating sponsor, I do not put my own name on the tickets I fill. That is half the fun and I am enjoying this Christmas promotion now. I would have had to replace that failing battery anyway, but now I have 18 chances make a very special holiday event for an individual or community organization that could use the prize.

You should participate also. Gather up some Shopping Spree tickets and do your best to shop at home this holiday season.


Last modified Dec. 9, 2015