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EMS rejects building offer

Staff writer

Emergency medical services will continue to have a station in Hillsboro, but it won’t be shared with Hillsboro’s fire and police departments.

EMS director Travis Parmley Monday submitted a letter of his own to county commissioners in response to one sent to commissioners last week by Hillsboro officials.

Citing difficulty negotiating for a shared location near the Hillsboro police department, Hillsboro officials proposed a 40-year lease at $1 a year for property north of the corner of Ash and 3rd St.

Parmley’s letter said he doesn’t consider it a wise business decision to build on leased land and he doesn’t understand how new construction best serves county citizens.

Instead, Parmley proposes the county purchase and remodel a vacant building in Hillsboro which would house both EMS and the county health department.

EMS personnel on duty in Hillsboro stay in apartments north of city hall. The ambulance is housed in Hillsboro’s fire station. The health department is on property owned by St. Luke Hospital.

A year ago, Parmley proposed buying a building in north Hillsboro and renovating it for an EMS station. That building has since been sold.

“Between both departments, we pay $27,600 rent annually,” Parmley wrote. “Property tax paid in 2019 under protest was $8,000. Congestion and traffic pose a safety concern for county employees, equipment, and citizens. Volunteer firefighters rushing to the station while EMS leaves the building has already and would continue to pose a risk.”

Parmley didn’t name the location of the building he now has in mind during open session. Commissioners called an executive session to discuss Parmley’s new proposal. No decision was made.

He did say afterward that moving the health department to Hillsboro was not met with enthusiasm.

Last modified Jan. 14, 2021