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EMS calls down 13 percent

Ambulance calls in Marion County were 19 percent lower in October compared to 2011, Marion County Emergency Medical Service Director Steve Smith said Monday. Ambulances were called out 75 times, down from 93 in October 2011. That brings the year-to-date total to 881 calls, compared to 1,013 at the same point last year, a decrease of 13 percent.

In October, the Marion ambulance responded to 23 calls; Hillsboro, 22; Peabody, 19; Tampa, 6; Florence, 4; and the backup unit, 1. First responders in Lincolnville went on 3 calls; Goessel, 2; Burns, 1; Florence, 1; and Durham, 0.

There were 24 calls for medical emergencies, 13 transfers, 12 no-transports, 11 falls, 6 cardiac emergencies, 5 standbys, 4 motor-vehicle accidents, and no canceled calls or other calls.

Smith proposed paying Larry Larsen $240 for teaching a class for emergency medical technicians learning new standards, which took three eight-hour classes. Smith will apply for a grant to pay Karen Larsen for teaching an advanced EMT course, which will take 116 hours.

Smith will seek volunteers for a Marion County Medical Society to smooth patient care issues between ambulances and local hospitals. The group will also be asked to consider ways to alleviate a shortage of ambulance volunteers.

The department will purchase a power cot for the Tampa ambulance for $12,476. The Marion, Hillsboro, and Peabody ambulances each have a power cot already.

The department will also purchase a pair of refurbished defibrillators for the Marion and Hillsboro ambulances for $9,570. Peabody ambulance already has a defibrillator.

Last modified Nov. 22, 2012