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Emergency haying, grazing authorized

Because of drought conditions, U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved emergency haying and grazing of land in the Conservation Reserve Program in 91 counties, including Marion and all the surrounding counties.

Producers first must request permission from the local Farm Service Agency. Acres subject to emergency haying or grazing will have a 10 percent reduction in the rental payment for 2012.

Emergency haying will be permitted through Aug. 15, and participants must leave at least 50 percent of each field or contiguous fields unhayed for wildlife. Hay must be removed within 30 days of the end of the haying period, and it may not be sold. Producers without livestock may rent or lease the haying privileges.

Emergency grazing is allowed through Sept. 30. Participants must leave at least 25 percent of each field or contiguous CRP fields ungrazed for wildlife or graze no more than 75 percent of the stocking rate. All livestock must be removed by the end of the grazing period. Producers without livestock may rent or lease grazing privileges.

For more information, contact the Farm Service Agency at (620) 382-3714.

Last modified July 25, 2012