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Broadcasts about these fire and ambulance calls were monitored this past week by the newspaper:


12:16 a.m. — A patient at St. Luke Hospital, Marion, was transferred to Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, by Marion ambulance.

5:15 p.m. — An unreported controlled burn west of K-15 and 90th Rd. was checked by Goessel firefighters.


7:25 a.m. — A reportedly confused and tottering elderly man walking between 1st and 2nd Sts. on Adams St. in Hillsboro declined to be taken to a hospital by Hillsboro ambulance.

4:54 p.m. — A truck driver seriously injured when his semitrailer rolled over in the US-56/77/K-150 roundabout was taken by Marion ambulance to St. Luke Hospital and then transferred by EagleMed helicopter to Via Christi – St. Francis Hospital, Wichita.

He reportedly was not wearing a seat belt and suffered skull and knee fractures and abdominal injuries in the accident.

Although the driver was still in his truck from which fuel was leaking, Marion firefighters and rescue squad had to ask dispatchers whether they were needed before they were paged.

Sheriff’s deputies were notified first, then Marion ambulance, and finally Marion firefighters and rescue squad members.

Marion ambulance had to be decontaminated of blood before being returned to service. Firefighters remained on the scene for nearly two hours.

7:52 p.m. — A Hillsboro Community Hospital patient was transferred to Welsey’s trauma unit by Hillsboro ambulance.


5:57 a.m. — A 62-year-old man with an elevated heart rate was taken from Peabody Health and Rehab to Newton Medical Center by Marion ambulance. Peabody EMTs were paged but did not answer the call.

7:36 a.m. — A sweating and vomiting 63-year-old man at Victory Lane duplexes in Marion was taken to St. Luke by Hillsboro ambulance. With Marion ambulance still returning from Wichita, the county emergency medical director also responded and was first on the scene.

1:57 p.m. — A 75-year-old woman who tripped near 80th and Chisholm Trail Rds. was helped back to her feet by a Goessel firefighter and EMTs from Hillsboro ambulance. She declined to tbe taken to a hospital.

5:54 p.m. — An initially unresponsive 64-year-old man, bleeding and having trouble breathing after a colonoscopy, was taken at his request to St. Luke from near 220th and Indigo Rds. by Hillsboro ambulance.

8:33 p.m. — A St. Luke patient was transferred to Wesley by Marion ambulance.


3:05 a.m. — Hillsboro police reported brief street flooding and some limbs down. An hour later, a sheriff’s deputy reported some street flooding in Peabody. Three hours after that, another sheriff’s deputy reported flooding on 290th east of K-15. Half an hour later, the same deputy reported flooding at Limestone and 330th Rds.

Dispatchers responded that callers had reported flooding at 360th and Limestone, 330th and Nighthawk, 290th and Nighthawk, and 240th and Kanza Rds.

The county emergency management director, who earlier asked about sizes of limbs downed in Hillsboro, noted that Hillsboro had had four inches of rain and that the only reports of damage he had received were from limbs down in Hillsboro. No other reports of flooding were broadcast.


12:35 p.m. — A man lying on the ground behind his residence near Lakeshore Dr. and Back Bay Court at Marion County Lake was taken by Marion ambulance to Newton Med.

1:24 p.m. — An 81-year-old man who passed out twice at Threshing Days in Goessel was taken to Newton Med by Hillsboro ambulance. Goessel first responders stationed at the event summoned the ambulance and cared for the patient until its arrival.

4:36 p.m. — Gas leaking from a faulty water heater in the 300 block of N. Ash St. was shut off by Hillsboro firefighters after residents were told by their landlord that there was no leak.


12:39 p.m. — A 56-year-old man with chest pains was taken to St. Luke from the 100 block of W. 7th St. in Florence by Marion ambulance.

8:14 p.m. — An HCH patient was transferred to St. Francis by Hillsboro ambulance.

10:52 p.m. — Goessel firefighters were called to Bethesda Homes for a water flow fire alarm. There was no fire to be found.

11:37 p.m. — Florence ambulance was requested to stage at the station for a suicidal subject, by a sheriff deputy. Marion ambulance was then paged as there were no responders from Florence. But were quickly disregarded.


2:15 p.m. — A patient from St. Luke was transferred to Wesley Pediatric by Marion ambulance.

10:29 p.m. — Goessel firefighters were called to Bethesda home for a water flow fire alarm, no fire was found.

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