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These broadcasts regarding fire and ambulance calls were monitored this past week by the newspaper:

DEC. 12

10:02 a.m. — A woman who sustained a bump on her head in some sort of fall or accident was taken by Peabody ambulance to Newton Medical Center. Details of the call were garbled.

3:17 p.m. — A man who had fallen repeatedly outside an apartment in the 400 block of N. Ash St. was taken by Hillsboro ambulance to Hillsboro Community Hospital.

DEC. 13

No dispatches were monitored.


1:05 p.m. — With only one Lincolnville firefighter initially responding, Lost Springs firefighters also were dispatched to a car and grass fire on US-77 between Lincolnville and Centre schools. Firefighters remained on the scene for almost 1½ hours.

2:52 p.m. — A 69-year-old woman who fell from a chair in the 100 block of S. Birch St. in Hillsboro declined to be taken to a hospital.

Although there was no indication Hillsboro ambulance was unavailable, the call was assigned to Marion ambulance, which then radioed Hillsboro ambulance to inquire about its status. Transmissions were garbled, and Marion ambulance ended up handling the call.

4:07 p.m. — A medical alarm activated at an apartment in the 500 block of W. Grand St. in Hillsboro resulted in a dispatch to “Marion ambulance or Hillsboro ambulance.”

A backup ambulance normally kept in Marion initially responded. Later, Hillsboro ambulance also responded and transported a patient to HCH.

8:41 p.m. — A call from the same S. Birch St. address where a patient six hours earlier had declined to be taken to a hospital was assigned to Hillsboro ambulance. The patient, complaining that she was unable to walk after her fall, was taken to HCH.


9:45 a.m. — Although no dispatch to go there was monitored, Hillsboro ambulance reported that it had arrived at St. Luke Hospital, Marion. It returned to Hillsboro a few minutes later.

11:02 a.m. — A woman who fell in a parking lot at an apartment complex in the 100 block of Eisenhower Dr. was taken to St. Luke by Marion ambulance.

12:27 p.m. — Marion ambulance transferred a patient from St. Luke to Newton Medical.

3:14 p.m. — Peabody ambulance also transported a patient to Newton Medical. Details of the dispatch, broadcast on a Peabody-only frequency, were garbled.

5:59 p.m. — A woman who thought she broke her leg when she fell while getting out of a chair in the 300 block of Willow Rd. was taken to HCH by Hillsboro ambulance. Marion ambulance also responded as a backup, and both remained at the hospital until 6:56 p.m.

8:08 p.m. — Hillsboro ambulance transferred a patient from HCH to Newton Medical. The county emergency medical services director asked ambulance personnel to telephone him during the call. The ambulance did not return to Hillsboro until 10:12 p.m.


9:38 a.m. — Two victims of a two-vehicle traffic accident, apparently on Nighthawk Rd. near Peabody, declined to be taken to a hospital.

Details of the call were garbled. However, it was clear Peabody ambulance initially was dispatched. Marion ambulance then reported that it would respond, and an air ambulance was alerted. However, both were quickly told to disregard the call. Peabody ambulance remained at the scene for nearly an hour, waiting until rides for the victims arrived.

10:51 a.m. — A woman who had been ill for several days and was vomiting was taken by Tampa ambulance to HCH from the 300 block of Lincoln Ave. in Tampa.

7:59 p.m. — A man initially reported to be having a panic attack, then later reported to be non-responsive, was taken from the 300 block of N. Roosevelt St. to St. Luke by Marion ambulance.

The initial dispatch did not mention whether it was N. Roosevelt or S. Roosevelt St. Marion firefighters were called to help lift the patient.


6:11 a.m. — A 78-year-old woman who fell and could not get back up at an apartment in the 1500 block of E. Main St. declined to be transported by Marion ambulance.

12:23 p.m. — Hillsboro ambulance and a Goessel first responder were dispatched to investigate a report of a death at a residence on 100th Rd. between Chisholm Trail and Diamond Rds. Marion ambulance also headed that direction but, once Hillsboro ambulance arrived, was told to disregard the call.

8:41 p.m. — A person complaining of back pain after a two-vehicle accident at US-56 and Chisholm Trail Rd. was taken to HCH by Tampa ambulance. Hillsboro ambulance, firefighters and rescue squad also responded and remained at the scene for two hours, directing traffic and clearing debris.

11:45 p.m. — A hunter who fell from a deer stand near Bluestem and 150th Rds. was taken by Marion ambulance to St. Luke then to Hillsboro airport for transfer to a Wichita hospital by a fixed-wing air ambulance. Marion firefighters also were called to help find the deer stand, the location of which was not included in initial dispatches.


8:46 p.m. — Marion ambulance transferred a patient from St. Luke to Newton Medical.

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