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Easter musical set to be performed in Marion

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A performance of the musical “The Golgotha Experience” will be at 6:30 p.m. March 20 at Marion Performing Arts Center.

Jesse Roberts, who with his wife, Leah, make up the band Poor Bishop Hooper, said the musical was written and composed in 2014 to help illuminate the importance of Jesus’ crucifixion.

“We took a small retreat to the woods of southeastern Kansas for a long weekend,” Jesse Roberts said. “We had hopes to write a few new songs, but never expected the creative download that occurred. Over four short days, all of the musical content for ‘The Golgotha Experience’ was written, first on our hearts, then in our notebooks. Over the next four years, we developed that content into the ministry as it stands today.”

The show is a visual history in Stations of the Cross tradition, with 14 scripture-based original songs to help viewers understand Jesus’ suffering. The play uses scripture, visuals, and guided prayer to draw people closer to Jesus.

Golgotha is Aramaic for “the place of the skull,” which scripture calls the hill where Jesus was crucified.

After the Robertses started performing the show, it became a full-fledged ministry enjoyed by thousands.

Jesse Roberts was born and raised in Hutchinson and Leah spent most of her childhood in Ellsworth. They now live in Kansas City, Missouri.

“We started Poor Bishop Hooper in 2013 after we were married, primarily to give a name to our budding musical endeavors,” Jesse Roberts said. “My wife learned to play the upright bass in a matter of weeks, and we began to perform both original songs and covers as a duo. We released our first record, ‘Foreign Made,’ and performed extensively throughout Kansas City playing clubs, the west bottoms, weddings, and private events.

During this time we also served as worship leaders within our church community, and began writing more spiritual and scripture-inspired music.”

Roberts said the musical is sometimes performed as a duo, as a trio, or as a full band with a drummer and electric guitar player.

Cutter Gage, who plays many instruments and is a worship leader in Kansas City, will perform “The Golgotha Experience” with the Robertses in Marion.

Last modified March 14, 2019