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Driving safely in severe weather

With severe weather season arriving, AAA released a report Monday with tips to help Kansas drivers stay safe on the roads.

Since heavy downpours can make it difficult to see while driving, AAA recommends regularly changing windshield wiper blades to keep visibility as clear as possible.

Pooling water on roadways can cause cars to hydroplane, and vehicles can be swept off the road in as little as 12 inches of water. Reducing speeds during rainy conditions is important. Roadways completely covered by water are a particular danger.

Flooding causes more deaths than any other storm-related event, and many of those deaths occur in vehicles. Remember the slogan “Turn around, don’t drown,” said Shawn Steward, Public Affairs Manager for AAA Kansas in the report.

According to reports referenced by AAA, the U.S. has 1,000 tornadoes each year, and 60 of those were documented in Kansas in 2017.

Tornado warnings mean danger is imminent, according to AAA, so when a tornado is sighted they recommend moving to the safest place possible.

 A spring/summer severe weather emergency kit is a smart option for motorists to keep in their cars. Important items include first-aid supplies, a raincoat, towel or blankets, nonperishable snacks and water, tool kit, and cell phone charger.

Last modified April 24, 2019