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Drastic measures

Governor Sebelius and the legislators certainly have their hands full this session, trying to sort out the budget crisis.

We just hope our cities and county don’t end-up shouldering the brunt of the financial burden as the Governor has indicated in the past.

Her recommendations included an initial budget proposal to include a series of cuts in payments of liquor taxes, machinery and equipment sliders, special city/county highway taxes, and local ad valorem tax reductions, totaling nearly $160 million.

The Governor is proposing to take 100 percent of the local liquor tax beginning in July.

In 2006, Kansas Legislature passed a bill that removed the property tax from certain business machinery and equipment. “Slider” payments were included in the legislation and the Governor recommended the elimination of all slider payments beginning in July.

The Governor also is recommending the elimination of the state general fund transfer portion of the special city-county highway funds.

Legislature was to reinstate local ad valorem taxes, beginning in July. Now the Governor has recommended the elimination of those funds as well.

So, guess how officials of cities and the county will balance their budgets? That’s right. Increasing taxes and the costs of services to us — again.

We understand the need to trim the fat but not like this. What is the state going to cut? Are they going to continue to purchase new equipment for highway crews and create departments and jobs as it has in the past?

There has to be a compromise in there somewhere.

Let’s keep in touch with our legislators and follow their progress. And keep on praying for a solution we all can live with.

— Susan Berg

Last modified Feb. 4, 2009