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Don't drink . . . and drive your lawn mower

Staff writer

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke is issuing additional reminders about the new alternative vehicle ordinance and basic rules under the Kansas Standard Traffic Ordinance.

“People need to use common sense with the alternative vehicle provision,” he said. “We have tried to impress on everyone that even if they are driving a mower, a golf cart, or an all-terrain vehicle, they still must obey standard traffic laws.

“Drinking and then driving an ATV or carrying an open container on a golf cart is not OK. Operating any of the alternative vehicles while under the influence will earn you a DUI.”

Burke also said that it is illegal to carry passengers in a conveyance not meant for them.

“An ATV is a single person vehicle,” he said. “No one should have a child riding along.

“It also is illegal to have riders in a golf cart except in seats provided for them. The cargo area of a golf cart is not meant to carry additional passengers, especially children.”

Burke said local officers will begin issuing tickets for these infractions.

“If someone is not sure about whether a rule applies, they need to contact an officer, and we can let them know,” he said. “Asking questions first might save citizens the cost of a trip to court.”

Contact Burke and other police officers at (620) 983-2133.

Last modified July 16, 2009