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Don't blow grass clippings into the road

Staff writer

After watching several Peabody residents blowing grass clippings into the street as they mowed their property recently, Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke is reminding people that an ordinance exists that allows the city to assess a fine and court costs on residents who are caught in violation of the ordinance.

“The reason for the ordinance is to keep the storm drains as free as possible of grass and debris,” Burke said. “The gutters all flow into a storm drain system and rain, run-off from lawn sprinklers, or water from flushing hydrants wash everything in the gutters into the storm drains.

“The grass and vegetation are added to mud, broken asphalt, trash, and other junk. The debris can cause the drains to backup in times of heavy rains,” he said.

Burke said the court cost for being caught blowing grass clippings into the street is $90. The municipal judge has the option of adding a fine.

Burke said his officers are also working extensively on contacting residents in violation of ordinances that prohibit the creation of nuisance and dangerous properties.

“If individuals wish to file a complaint against someone they feel has created a blighted property because of unsightly junk or grass that violates the height allowed by the city, they can go to the city office or police department and file a complaint to that effect,” Burke said.

For more information, contact Burke at (620) 983-2111.

Last modified May 7, 2015