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Did we forget to tell you who is running?

Our intention in the past issue of the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin was to provide you with the names of all the candidates who filed for the mayoral, city council, and school board positions up for election in April. We failed. No need to flog us for our shortcomings as regards the candidate filings. Yes, we messed up, and we will make every effort to see that it does not happen again.

In this issue you will see who took the plunge and decided to run for office. Now you have it, straight from the county clerk, the official word on who is interested in representing you in city and school district decisions.

Now it is time for you to find out just exactly how the candidates will serve you. I expect there are some candidate names that might not be familiar to many of you. I would encourage each voter to find out about the candidates and their positions on local issues before going to the polls in April to cast a vote.

In the past, both the city and school district have been host to forums to which all candidates are invited, and you, the voters, are encouraged to ask about their position on given topics. A candidates’ forum is likely to be a part of the upcoming election as well. Pay attention to announcements about such events and be thinking of questions that make a difference to how you feel about the issues, finances, and priorities that city and school district officials will have to make. Then be sure to attend.

At this point in the election process, I do not know for certain that there will be a candidates’ forum. However, there is no reason for either the city or the school district not to hold one. What better way to find out about the candidates’ reasons for running, their desire to see forward movement with school district and city finances, and their hopes for the future of our community and our schools?

So stay tuned. We’re are all about keeping you informed about the positions of those candidates from this point forward.

If a candidates’ debate should appear on the horizon, we will let you know right here — for sure.


Last modified Feb. 4, 2015