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Deputy takes jailer job

Staff writer

Marion County Sheriff Robert Craft announced to Marion County Commission Monday at its meeting that current deputy Jim Philpott will become a jailer at the Marion County Jail starting today.

Craft said Philpott will be tasked with knowing the ins and outs of the jail while also handling inmates for transport.

“I want somebody who can adapt to everything going on in there,” Craft said. “I want to know that he knows how to operate everything in that facility.

Part of the requirement for the job transfer will be that Philpott attend a jail school taught by the Kansas Jail Association in Salina.

Although he is maintaining certification to step back into a role as a road officer in case of a need, Philpott is taking a pay cut from $16.36 an hour to $15.50 an hour. He will be eligible for a raise after six months, although Craft said he would still be making less than he was as a deputy.

Craft also informed the commission of the sale of two well-worn police cars online. A 2007 Chevrolet Impala with 135,000 miles was sold for $4,000, and a 2006 Impala with 145,000 was sold for $3,500. With the sale of other items totaling $208, Craft told commissioners he had about $8,000 to go back into the budget.

In other business:

  • Four dispatcher stations were approved for the jail. The bid from Rightline totals $38,818. Two of the four stations will be equipped with consoles, air conditioning, and lifts that allow dispatchers to standup during shifts. The other two stations only have consoles.
  • The commission discussed adding time for employees at the transfer station with director Rollin Schmidt, possibly an hour later either Thursday and Friday to process trash. No decision was made.
  • The commission approved the sale of an A3 unit to a local city fire department. Emergency Medical Services Director Steve Smith said Peabody Fire Department expressed interest. The county’s initial asking price for the vehicle will be $1,750. Smith also informed commissioners that he would be filling in with Marion EMS while Kim Ross rests with a broken ankle. Smith is also preparing county EMS crews for state inspections to occur in May. In April, the county will be hosting and teaching EMT classes every Saturday.
  • The commission reviewed a ordinance addressing dangerous animals in the county, specifically dangerous dogs. The ordinance states that after an attack has been investigated and the dog has been proved to have committed an unprovoked attack, it must be examined by a veterinarian. Then the dog needs to be restrained on a leash, inside a kennel, or inside of a residence. A vicious dog sign must be displayed on the premises to warn visitors. If the dog is deemed to have attacked again, it can be lawfully detained or killed. No decision was made on the ordinance.
  • Register of Deeds Jo Ottensmeier told commissioners she would both put deed books on compact discs and purchase a hard drive for an extra $125. Because Ottensmeier was paying for the purchase out of the technology budget, commissioners did not need to approve the item.
  • Deputy County clerk Tina Spencer gave the commission a report for tax valuations in the county. The total ad valorem value of taxable properties in the county was down $349,808. A difference of $242,732 in oil and gas value and $68,137 made up the largest portion of the negative sum. The ad valorem tax total was down $59,669.
  • The commission approved a resolution transferring ownership of properties to corresponding cities where they are located. Two properties in Lost Springs, one in Tampa, and one in Lincolnville were donated after property tax sales.
  • The commission reviewed a draft of the rules and regulations for trailer rentals at Marion County Park and Lake. Changes to the regulations discussed last week included changing the installation deadline back to 30 days from 60 days with the provision that tenants can apply for a 30 day time continuance with Park and Lake Superintendent Steve Hudson.. The two rule violations that can result in eviction are bringing in unauthorized appliances and renting out the trailer without permission. The new draft will be sent to Friends of Marion County Lake.
  • Road and Bridge Superintendent Randy Crawford asked to hire summer help for the department. The commission asked him to advertise positions two weeks before making a decision.
  • Emergency Management Director Dan D’Albini announced that the assistant manager of emergency management for Butler County will give a presentation 7 p.m. March 29 in the Burns community building.
  • D’Albini announced a hazard mitigation plan meeting to take place 6:30 p.m. April 26 at Lincolnville Community Center. A hazard mitigation plan identify reasonable strategies to reduce the potential loss of life, human suffering, and loss of property from disasters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency requires states and local governments to have a approved plans.
  • There will be a burn ban for non-agricultural purposes, throughout April for smoke control D’Albini said.

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