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Delayed tax sale scheduled

Staff writer

As many as 35 properties will be offered for auction at a county tax sale Aug. 10 at the county lake hall.

At a meeting Monday, county commissioners reviewed Treasurer Susan Berg’s plans for the sale and set $50 as the minimum bid.

Most of the properties will be sold because of unpaid property tax and severed mineral tax. One property includes two state tax warrants.

“We’re getting closer to the tax sale with Kelly Law Office,” Berg wrote in a memo to commissioners.

Berg said Sheriff Jeff Soyez had agreed to be the auctioneer. She plans to attend the sale, but Kelly Law Office will be in charge of proceedings.

Berg told commissioners she thought the county had to allow people to redeem their properties up to the date of the sale.

Redeeming a property would include paying any unpaid taxes plus $450 for the attorney and abstract costs, and a portion of the cost of district court proceedings.

The last county tax sale was in 2020. Berg said Kelly Law, hired last year by the commission to handle tax sales, does a thorough job of trying to contact property owners, including contacting neighbors and relatives to find them.

Although some properties slated for this sale are as far as 10 years delinquent because earlier tax sale lawyers didn’t want to include unappealing property, this sale will include properties up to three full years delinquent, Berg said.

Berg said she expects future tax sales to be held on an annual basis.

People who owe property taxes listed in the proposed court petition along with the unpaid taxes involved, include:

Debra C. Antonio, also known as Debra C. Antonio, 309 N. Spruce St., Peabody, $5,044.83.

John Bass, 208 S. Church St., Burns, $2,030,65.

Irene M Beams, 312 N. C St., Ramona, $6,990.55.

Paulette Perrymore and William A. Brew, 804 N. Elm St., Peabody, $8,102.06.

Micheal S. Britton, 236 W. 7th St., Florence, $2,720.41.

Andrew Brown, 312 N. D St., Ramona, $2,974.27.

Laura J. Burton, 402 N. Elm St., Peabody, $6,492.18.

Barbara C Diaz, 210 S. Schmidt St., Lehigh, $2,255.16.

Shannon Lowell and Teresa Bell, 501 W. Marion St., Goessel, $38,476.67, and 105 W. Marion St., Goessel, $6,475.67.

Derrel R. and Gabriele Dye, 609 Main St., Florence, $4,483.13.

Joe P. Fitzmaurice, 501 Wichita St., Lincolnville, $2,524.95.

John Kasper, 301 N. D St., Ramona, $1,825.30.

William R. and William H. Jacobs, 204 N. Elm St., Peabody, $851.67.

Lewis R. Litton and John Kinney, 214 N. Pine St., Peabody, $3,265.96.

Roger E. Maag, 1768 Upland Rd., $5,436.59. This amount includes state tax warrants.

Benjamin and Adriana Miramontes, 216 N. Roosevelt St., Marion, 1.323.61

Imogene Mitchell, 227 W. 6th St., Florence, $1,837.24.

Elaine M. Morse and Al Church, 108 N. Coble St., Marion, $6,619.90, and 1204 E. Main, Marion, $19,860.25.

O & J of Kansas Inc., 102 W. 9th St., Peabody, $70,390.51.

Peabody Farm Service and CMP Enterprises, 203 S. Maple St., Peabody, $8,998.10.

Valerie L. Hatton, Robert S. Flores, and Joe D. Plume, 606 N. Olive, Peabody, $2,375.38.

Joe D. and June P. Plume, 405 N. Vine St., Peabody, $4,586.58.

Beverly A. Schor, block 7, Willard’s addition to the city of Marion, $757.31.

William Shearer, 228 W. 6th St., Florence, $2,710.50.

Jeffrey S. Smith and Nicole D. Ryan, 206 S. Olive St., Peabody, $5,720.07.

Terri Tucker, 105 N. Maple St., Peabody, $2,552.13, 606 N. Walnut St., Peabody, $2,126.89, 408 N. Locust St., Peabody, $1,180.60, 310 N. Walnut St., Peabody, $8,286.52, and 710 N Walnut St., Peabody, $930.79.

Vanderbilt Real Estate Investments, 306 N. Olive St., Peabody, $9,829.17.

Justina Wiebe, a plot of land near Hillsboro, $135.58.

Wanda Williams and LeMay Amaya, 125 W. 3rd St., Florence, $1,525.37.

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