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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Federal National Mortgage Association, also known as Fannie Mae, by power-of-attorney to Robert Lee, 317 N. Freeborn St., Marion.

Gregory James and Cindy Wyatt, Stanford Brian Wyatt, by power-of-attorney, and Kirk Alan and Jennifer Wyatt to Cody Lunow, 102 S. Wilson St., Hillsboro.

Alisa L. and Benjamin T. Schmidt to Scott N. and Michelle L. Winter, 1106 Parkway Ct., Hillsboro.

Ronald D. Ludwig, trustee, trustee deed to Ronald D. Ludwig trust, 1126 US-50 and 1164 US-77, Florence.

In two separate transactions, Wanda M and Clayton D. Hamm, and Shirley A. and John D. Riffel and Dennis R. and Graciela Hamm to Douglas A. and Lori L. Heerey, 310 N. Freeborn St., Hillsboro.

In two separate transactions, City of Marion, cemetery deed to John Jordan, and John Jordan and Rosanne Jordan to Mike Jordan.

Keri A. and Charles W. Helmer, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Randon J. Richmond, a lot south of 150th Rd., between Pawnee and Quail Creek Rds.

Joel and Nancy Klaassen, quitclaim deed to Joel D. and Nancy K. Klaassen, co-trustees, 40.35 acres west of Alamo Rd., between 190th and 200th Rds.

Joel D. and Nancy K. Klaassen, trustees, trustee deed to Joel D. and Nancy K. Klaassen, trustees, 116 S. Main St., and 311 S. Lincoln St., Hillsboro.

Virginia L. and Duane Lanier to Gary Lanier and Whitney A. Black, 150.1 acres northwest of 30th and Nighthawks Rds.

In two separate transactions, Diane Mae and James W. Holub, by power-of-attorney, Mary H. Holub, by power-of-attorney, and Wayne Alan Holub to Kenneth D. and Clara Ann Holub, and Kenneth D. and Clara Ann Holub, transfer on death warranty deed to Kendra Hancock and Zachary Danner, 516 N. Freeborn, Marion.

Rawhide Limited Partnership to David S. Krispense, also known as Steven K. Krispense and Martha Krispense, co-trustees, 78.41 acres south of 220th Rd., between Pawnee and Quail Creek Rds.

Lester J. and Mary Ellen Derksen, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Robert E. Derksen, Ruth Ann Church, and Roger A. Derksen, 106 100th Rd.

In two separate transactions, Marvin L. and Barbara Lea Hill to Terry L. Hill, and Terry L. Hill, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Dusten Plenert and Callie Plenert, a lot north of W. 3rd St., Hillsboro.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 504 S. Lincoln St., Hillsboro.

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