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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Brian K. and Tammy R. Whiteside to Kyle K. and Jamie D. Sumner, 205 N. Olive St., Peabody.

Elda M. Penner trust, trustee deed to Marvin E. and Marilyn F. Ratzlaff, trustees, 72.98 acres southwest of 250th Rd. and K-15.

Elda M. Penner trust, trustee deed to Stuart W. and Lynette B. Penner, trustees, 58.67 acres northwest of 190th and Limestone Rds.

Judy Forney to Martin L and Nancy C. Holler, 74 Lakeshore Dr, Marion County Lake.

Mildred J. Buller revocable trust, trustee deed to Dale S. Buller, 198.52 acres at 739 Vista Rd.

Robert J. and Elmer R. Delk, quitclaim deed to Lance L. Carter, 202 E. 1st St., Hillsboro.

Trustees Carol Ann and Frederick A. Bichet, each transferred to the two of them as co-trustees separate undivided half interest in, 336.72 acres southwest of 130th and Clover Rds., 167.07 acres northeast of 150th and Alfalfa Rds., and 296.43 acres south of 150th Rd., between Alfalfa and Bluestem Rds.

Gina L and Bradley Keirns to Gina L. Keirns revocable trust, 79.35 acres east of Yarrow Rd., between 210th and 200th Rds., and 117.75 acres northwest of K-150 and Marion/Chase county line.

Keith Hursh also known as Michael Keith Hursh, and Carletta A. Hursh to Morgan M. Wheeler, 5 Rock Rd., Marion County Lake.

James Mathias Mies, quitclaim deed to Graden Clinton and Dottie Marie Haskin, 204 W. 4th St., Florence.

Devin Metzinger and Madison Hovey, now known as Madison Metzinger, to Jost and Company, LLC, 708 W. A St., Hillsboro.

In two transactions, Marilyn E. Schmidt, trustee, trustee deed to Milferd L. and Marilyn E. Schmidt, and Milferd L. and Marilyn E. Schmidt to Marilyn E. Schmidt, 204 S. Buller St., Goessel, 78.04 acres northwest of 170th and Alamo Rds., and 39.52 acres east of Alamo, between 170th and 180th Rds.

Marilyn E. and Milferd L. Schmidt to Marilyn E. Schmidt and Loren J. Schmidt, trustees, 204 S. Buller St., Goessel.

Matthew Gehring and Mindy Ryan Tharp to Benjamin Ray Reiswig, 207 S. Washington St., Hillsboro.

Board of County Commissioners of Marion County Kansas, quitclaim deed to Florence Historical Society, a lot north of the railroad tracks between Main and Doyle Sts., Florence.

William Donald Bossa to Levi and Sarah Mason, 1644 170th Rd.

Georgia Spohn and Gary and Carole Spohn to Timothy S. and Amy C. Summerville, 156.29 acres northwest of 150th and Xavier Rd.

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