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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Busenitz Real Estate, LLC to Lyle J. and Carrie E. Busenitz, 843 Holly Rd.

Jeremy C. Loewen, also known as Jeremy Loewen and Dionne R. Loewen to Jeremy C. and Dionne R. Loewen, co-trustees, 1081 190th Rd.

Mark and Janelle Stockman to Devon McGonigal, 812 N. Vine St., Peabody.

Clara C. Kerns to Jerry D. and Sharon K. Ewing, 402 and 416 N 2nd St., Marion.

In four transactions, Willis D. and Marilyn R. Ensz, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Ricky Dean Ensz and Scotty Dee Ensz, 15.5 acres southeast of 190ths and Kanza Rds., and 305 E. Grand St., Hillsboro, 207 W. B St., Hillsboro, and 301 S. Ash St., Hillsboro.

Jerry and Leann Toews, co-trustees, trustee deed to Jerry D. and Leann L. Toews, co-trustees, 291 120th Rd., and 620 E. Main St., Goessel.

In two transactions, Dan R. and Linda D. Peterson to Susan Y. Omli, trustee, 153.84 acres south of 310th Rd., between Bluestem and Clover Rds., and 79.67 acres at 3056 Bluestem Rd.

Richard J. and Jennie Gronniger to Kristi Graber, 209 N. Buller St., Goessel.

Rachael Naerebout, quitclaim deed to Anthony Naerebout, also known as Tony Naerebout, 1626 230th Rd.

Warren W. and Ruby L. Dalke, co-trustees, quitclaim deed to Martin D. Dalke, 32.5 acres southeast of Goldenrod and 170th Rds.

Eldon E. Schmidt and Helen T. Schmidt trust, trustee deed to David J. Voth, 311 Willow Rd., Hillsboro.

Eldon E. Schmidt and Helen T. Schmidt declaration of trust, trustee deed to David and Donna Terrell, 310.83 acres east of Diamond Rd., between US-56 and 210th Rd.

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