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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Lillian Hiebert, trustee, trustee deed to Valerie and Tim Litwiller, part of 156.01 acres southwest of 160th and Indigo Rd.

Fred Hayes quitclaim deed to Travis Whiteley, 508 Lombard St., Lincolnville.

Craig L. and Caryn Albrecht to Royden K. and Virginia L. Albrecht, 75.72 acres southeast of Yarrow and 340th Rds.

Douglas A. and Wilma J. Wine transfer-on-death warranty deed to, Steven D. Wine, Jason M. Wine, Stefanie K. Cunningham, Sarah D. Gilmour, and Karen D. Spencer, 157.22 acres northeast of Vista and 20th Rds.

In two transactions, Treble Clef Farm, LLC to Carol Klingenberg and Vernon E. and Carol Klingenberg to Derek and Kara Klingenberg, undivided 23.333% of 79.62 acres north of 20th Rd., between Quail Creek and Pawnee Rds.

In two transactions, Deer Creek Farms, LLC to Vernon E. Klingenberg and Vernon E. and Carol Klingenberg to Brett and Cassandra Klingenberg, undivided 23.333% interest 80.87 acres west of Pawnee Rd., between 30th and 40th Rds.

In two transactions, Deer Creek Farms, LLC to Vernon E. Klingenberg and Vernon E. and Carol Klingenberg to Grant and Allison Klingenberg, undivided 41.51% interest, 74.95 acres southeast of Vista and 40th Rds.

Andrew and Jenna Brunner to Travis L. and Andrea R. Parmley 408 N. Roosevelt St., Marion.

Mary Lee Jeffrey to Phyllis E. Burns, 315 S. Freeborn St., Marion.

Norman G. and Esther P. Schmidt to Evan J. and Maryanne L. Esau, 510 E. Centennial Dr., Goessel.

SG Capital Partners, LLC by power of attorney to The Dexter Group Trust, 620 Main St., Florence.

Prairie Pointe, Inc. to Harold G. and Darla R. Loewen, trustees, 402 Prairie Pointe, Hillsboro.

Noble L. and H. Beth Wolf trustee deed to Noble L. and H. Beth Wolf, trustees, 157.74 acres southwest of Xavier and 20th Rds.

Jolene Sue Casebeer declaration of trust, trustee deed to Phyllis J. and Gene A. Goering, trustee, 158.36 acres southwest of Zebulon and 210th Rds.

Sheriff Marion County, sheriff deed to Colonial Savings, 101 E. Prospect St., Goessel.

Rodney and Susan Hein Trust, trustee deed to Julianne Pankratz, 302 S. Elm St., Hillsboro.

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