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The following deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds:

Daniel A. Frantz and wife to Daniel A. Frantz, QCD; Tract 1: N/2 SW/4, 10-18-2; Tract 2: All that part of SW/4, 3-18-2, lying west of railroad right of way.

Sheree M. Boman to Randy G. Boman, QCD; pt. of west 50 acres of S/2 S/2, 15-21-1.

Randy G. Boman to Sheree M. Boman, QCD; pt. of N/2 S/2 NE/4, 7-21-1.

Duane L. Duerksen and wife to Duerksen Land, LLC, WD; Tract 1: W/2 SW/4, 13-20-1; Tract 2: N/2 NE/4, 14-20-1 exc.; Tract 3: pt. SE/4 and pt. of SW/4, 14-20-1; Tract 4: E/2 SE/4, 19-20-1 exc.

City of Marion to Marion County Special Education Cooperative #617, WD; pt. SE/4, 32-19-4.

Christine Ann Hiebert FKA Christine Ann R. Silhan and husband to Terry Peter Silhan, WD; all of undivided ½ interest in NE/4, 21-18-4.

Sheriff of Marion County to Citifinancial Mortgage Company, Inc., sheriff’s deed; S 50’ N 100’ E 15 Lot 43, S 50’ N 100’, Lots 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, Bk. 19, Fairview Addn., Marion.

Sheryl Rhodes et al to Merlin Wiebe and wife, WD; pt. SW/4, 9-17-1.

Adolphine Tajchman, by power-of-attorney to Derek Belton, WD; W/2 SW/4, 8-18-3.

Verna Pavlik to Derek Benton, WD; E/2 SW/4, 8-18-3.

Robert D. Hague and wife to David V. Huntley and wife, WD; pt. S/2 SW/4, 18-21-3.

Reuben K. Zerger to Roy Allen Reynolds and wife, WD; Lots 156 and 158, Miller’s Second Addn., Marion.

Elsie E. Unruh to Ronald L. Ferguson, WD; pt. NW/4, 13-21-1.

Thomas E. Clark and wife to The Gladys Preheim Trust, WD; N/2 SE/4, exc. 15-22-4.

Glen A. Strotkamp to Jason Callahan et al, WD; pt. NW/4 SW/ 4, 33-22-5.

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