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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Paul and Marcella Ediger Trust to Juan L. Loredo Santana, trustee deed, 608 E. 1st St., Hillsboro.

Steven D. Komarek to Dwaine C. Gill, 417 Columbus St., Tampa.

City of Marion to Jack A. Boese, cemetery deed, two spaces in Marion Cemetery.

City of Marion to Cynthia Barrett, cemetery deed, one space in Marion Cemetery.

City of Marion to Janet L. and Shaun R. Craft, cemetery deed, four spaces in Catholic section of Marion Cemetery.

City of Marion to Karen Ehrlich, cemetery deed, two spaces in Marion Cemetery.

City of Marion to Mary Ellyn Stenzel, cemetery deed, three spaces in Marion Cemetery.

In separate transactions, City of Marion to Royal and Mary Smith, then Royal and Mary Smith to City of Marion, cemetery deed, three spaces in Marion Cemetery

Jo A. Ottensmeier to Daryl and Megan Jones, 614 E. Sherman St., Marion.

Randal R. and Rachel A. Collett to Carrie Noelle Parazin, and Zachary Randal and Margaret Ann Collett, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 422 E. Main St., 409 E, Santa Fe St., and 318 E. Main St., Marion; 39.77 acres south of 235th Rd. between Alfalfa and Bluestem Rds.; 78.18 acres southwest of 235th and Bluestem Rds.; 159.17 acres east of Bluestem Rd. between 220th and 235th Rds., and undivided half interest in 157.36 southwest of southwest of 210th and Xavier Rds.

Vaughn Agricultural Enterprises LLC to David Rziha, 78.76 acres east of Quail Creek Rd. between 290th and 280th Rds.; 156.99 acres northeast of 290th and Quail Creek Rds., and 80.12 acres west of Remington Rd. between 280th and 290th Rds.

In separate transactions, Vaughn Agricultural Enterprises LLC to Travis A. and Dakota Tannahill, 2375 Jade Rd. along with 237.37 acres; 77.55 acres southeast of Limestone and 290th Rds., and 157.42 acres southwest of 300th and Upland Rds.

Kevin S. and Tina M. Steele to Steven J. and Melinda M. Hart, 548 W. Santa Fe St., Marion.

Panzer Chiropractic Clinic PA to Marion County, Kansas, 203 S. Third St., Marion.

Braydan and Rachel Marie Hale to Bill P Ray, 401 N. Walnut St., Marion.

Lisa D. Hanschu and Ronnie D. Hanschu by power-of-attorney to Lisa D. Hanschu, quitclaim deed, 3510 Sunflower Rd. along with 155.38 acres and 157.79 acres northwest of 350th and Remington Rds.

Susan Elizabeth Harris to Lila E. Twist, Maylon C. Tibbets, and Mary G. Vermillion, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 89.7 acres south of 80th Rd. between K-15 and Chisholm Trail Rd. and 530 80th Rd. along with 36.65 acres.

Luetta A. Duerksen to Nancy Sebes Holste, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 78.05 acres southwest of 180th and Falcon Rds and 135.1 acres northwest of Falcon and 150th Rds.

Brenda S. Phillips to Henry G. Ethem, 502 N. Cedar St., Marion.

Karyn Sue and Curtis A. Peterson, trustees, to themselves, trustee deed, 136 Lakeshore Dr., Marion County Park and Lake.

Bernard and Janice Waner to Bernard J. and Janice M. Waner, trustees, 2060 110th Rd. along with 310.78 acres; 107.07 acres southeast of Turkey Creek and 100th Rds.; 111.58 acres east of Timber Rd. between 110th and 120th Rds.; 132.26 acres east of Sunflower Rd. between US-56 and 210th Rd.; 1625 Nighthawk Rd. along with 77.51 acres, and 79.69 acres east of Nighthawk Rd. between 160th and 170th Rds.

Mary Jean Meirowsky, Nikki R. and Wesley Riggs to Nikki Riggs, 320 Grandview St., Florence.

Lonnie J. Schmidt to Archie J. Schmidt, Ivan J. Schmidt, Agatha J. Duerksen, and Ilona J. Abrahams, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 77.2 acres southeast of 190th and Alamo Rds.; 206.67 acres north of 150th Rd. between Diamond and Eagle Rds.; 38.2 acres southwest of 160th and Falcon Rds.; 37.49 acres southwest of 150th and Eagle Rds.; 78.88 acres northeast of Chisholm Trail and 140th Rds.; 445 150th Rd. along with 79.23 acres, 152.57 acres northwest of Goldenrod and 100th Rds., and 77.23 acres west of Holly Rd. between 90th and 100th Rds.

Joyce and Virgil Funk to Ronald G. and Marilyn J. Hiebert Trusts, 135.26 acres south of 160th Rd. between Holly and Indigo Rds.; 85.02 acres north of 150th Rd. between Goldenrod and Falcon Rds., and 133.05 acres southeast of Chisholm Trail and 160th Rds.

Brent A. and Rachel D. Kvasnicka to Andrew T. and Robin A. Ammer, 1367 100th Rd. along with 5.82 acres.

The Dorothy L. Hagen Revocable Trust by successor co-trustees to Jessica A. and Shawn M. Levis, trustee deed, 212 E. Grand Ave., Hillsboro.

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