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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Carol A. Maggard quitclaim deed to Carol A. Maggard, trustee, 1603 Sunflower Rd., and 405 S. Lincoln St., Marion

Robert D. Kyle quitclaim deed to Robert D. Kyle, trustee, 160.21 acres 2139 30th Rd.; 76.82 acres northwest of Vista and 30th Rds., and 192.89 acres southeast of Xavier and 40th Rds.

Eddie L. and Anita J. Schmidt transfer-on-death warranty deed to Melinda S. Schmidt, 461 330th Rd.

Don Fruechting, also known as Donald Leslie Fruechting, trustee, trustee deed to Wayne R. Hoffman, 29 Lakeshore Dr., Marion County Lake.

Corey L. and Julie Janzen to Brent W. Long, 426 170th Rd.

Roy Allen Reynolds, also known as Roy A. Reynolds and Beverly Ann Reynolds, also known as, Beverly A. Reynolds, transfer-on-death warranty deed to, Roy A. Reynolds Jr., Kathryn A. Pratt, Kevin L. Reynolds, and Darin J. Reynolds, 312 N. 1st St., and 314 N. 1st St., Marion.

Ryan S. Schierling quitclaim deed to Melissa K. Enns and Dustin W. Enns, undivided ½ interest, 38.32 acres northwest of 140th and Limestone Rds.

Matthew W. and Kelley R. Spencer to Matthew W. and Kelley R. Spencer, co-trustees, 38.28 and 9.86 acres south of US-50, between Union and Wagonwheel Rds.

Jerry A. and Sheila K. Thouvenell to Gale A. and Neva B. Cooper, 230 N. Locust St., Marion.

Merle D. Leppke to Donald R. and Dawn D. Hett, co-trustees, 2023 140th Rd.

Donald E. Yost, trustee, trustee deed to Douglas Koehn, Starla Koehn, Scott Koehn, and Tamara Koehn, 157.75 acres northeast of Chisholm Trail and 220th Rds.

Carole L. and Marcus Brown to RCF Leasing, LLC, 309 W. 2nd St., Hillsboro.

Jessica L. Frantz quitclaim deed to, Mitchell D. Frantz, 106 S. Adams St., Hillsboro.

Mark Stephen and Denise Evans to Marcon Properties, LLC, 107 W. Broadway St., Burns.

Elma F. David to Wayne and Debra Geis, 2 tracts, 3015 Bison Rd.

Edwin H. Robinson Sr. to Eric W. and Barbara A. Clay, 206 W. 11th St., Florence.

Marion County Board of Commissioners to Marion City Land Bank, 110 S. Lincoln St., and 118 W. Santa Fe St., Marion.

Richard E. Tippin, also known as Richard Tippin, and Norma J. Tippin to Richard E. and Norma J. Tippin, co-trustees, 261 170th Rd.

Wayne and Debra Geis to Samuel Coffman and Lauren P. Liggett, 3015 Bison Rd.

Earl Hamilton, also known as Earl L. Hamilton, to Earl Hamilton, trustee, 301 W. Main St., a block northeast of E. Forest St. and Old US-77, and 242 E. Forest St., Marion.

Last modified Oct. 11, 2018