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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

John and Megan Wheeler to Hillsboro Inlet LLC., 303 N. Plum St., Peabody.

Helen Selsor Living Trust, trustee deed to Jason Wade and Ana Elizabeth Russell, 78.55 acres southwest of 260th and Xavier Rds.

Jeffrey A. and Laurie J. Methvin, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Seth M. and Micheala L. Methvin, 857 Old Mill Rd. and 0.77 acres adjoining.

Richard and Linda Eitzen, trustees, trustee deed to Zachary A. and Eva Elise Eitzen, undivided half interests in 119 acres southwest of 140th and Limestone Rds. and in 80 acres south of 150th Rd. between Kanza and Limestone Rds.

Anthony J. and Donna M. Brown to Kent A. and Brenda J. Weixelman, 2113 Kruse St., Eastshore.

Flint Hills Clay Works Inc to Arlieā€™s Collision Specialists LLC., 126 W. Main St., Marion.

Leslie A. and Donna L. Cook to Rebecca E. and Matthew T. Stiles, 200 S. Summit St., Goessel.

Roger A. and Lila Koop to Robert C. and Alexis L. Scott, undivided half interest in 206 S. Date St., Hillsboro.

Gayland Martens, Rita Prieb, and Steven Prieb to Paul D. and Michelle Jean Malin, 111 S. South St., Lehigh.

Henry G. Ethem, quitclaim deed to Reign Anduss, 113 S. Freeborn St., Marion.

Donna Lee Jamar to Dax Douglas Kannady and Emily Costello Kannady, 2661 Pawnee Rd.

Rosella Suderman, Dean Suderman, Kay Klassen, and Gail Dyck, co-trustees, trustee deed to Dean and Amy Suderman, 1566 Indigo Rd.

Teresa Bernhardt Trust, trustee deed to Kathleen E Goentzel and Teresa L. Bernhardt, co-trustees, surface rights to 159.17 acres southeast of Eagle and 230th Rd.

Lauren W Enns Trust/Luetta A. Enns Trust, trustee deed to Teresa Bernhardt and James W. Bernhardt, co-trustees, 78.94 acres north of 240th Rd. between Goldenrod and K-15 and 80.04 acres west of Bison Rd. between 230th and 240th Rds.

Chasen C. and Ashlee Gann, quitclaim deed to Gann Cattle Company LLC., 630 220th Rd. and 158.61 acres northeast of Goldenrod and 220th Rd.

Bruce W. and Alona Hedstrom to Bruce W. and Alona F. Hedstrom, co-trustees, 320.82 acres west of Marion and Chase county line between 300th and 20th Rds.

David Leith to Greta Lee Smith, 806 E. Maple St., Marion.

Chasen C. and Ashlee M. Gann to The Five Spots Inc., 79.74 acres northwest of 230th and Goldenrod Rds.

Douglas R. and Nancy J. Graber to Richard Clark, 311 S. Ash St., Hillsboro.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Joshua Ryan Tajchman, 312 E. Santa Fe St., Marion.

Glen W. and Mary Lou Unrau Revocable Trusts, trustee deed to Carolina E. Gurley, 17.17 acres north of 120th Rd. between Eagle and Falcon Rds.

F. Keith and Sharon Y. Schadel to Jon and Brandi W. Lewman, 711 E. Weldon St., Marion.

Clinton and Tiffany Jeffrey, quitclaim deed to Clinton and Tiffany Jeffrey, 820 N. Cedar St. Marion.

Randolph A. and Marian Guapo, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Randolph A. and Marian Guapo, trustees, 78.15 acres west of Quail Creek Rd. between 270th and 280th Rds.

David J. and Sandra S. Oborny to David J. and Sandra S. Oborny, 37.32 acres east of Remington Rd. between 230th and 240th Rds., and 230.49 acres southwest of 250th and Upland Rds.

David J. Oborny and Sandra S. Oborny, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Thomas Lee Oborny, Tabitha Anne Oborny, and Gregory David Oborny, 37.32 acres east of Remington Rd. between 230th and 240th Rds.; 136.1 acres southwest of 240th and Sunflower Rds.; 230.49 acres southwest of 250th and Upland Rds.; 39.28 acres west of Sunrise Rd. between 230th and 220th Rds., and 153.47 acres northwest of Timber and 240th Rds.

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