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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

David P. Mueller to Tampa Community Foundation, Inc. , 325 Main St., Tampa.

Lou Kay Johnson, quitclaim deed to Connie Rhea McMahan, 224 N. Freeborn St., Marion.

Donna L. Hanschu to Christopher G. Costello and Paige K. Brunner, 513 N. Lincoln St., Marion.

Archie and Kristin K. Schmidt to Archie A. and Kristin K. Schmidt, 78.32 acres southeast of 90th and Indigo Rds.

Dorothy S. Krause to Kellen Froese, a single tract at the intersection of Main and Marion Sts., Goessel.

Adam and Jill Utecht, to Cord and Samantha Cunningham, 316 S. Eisenhower St., Hillsboro.

Mark D. and Janice A. Ralston to Stanley G. and Mary J. Jantz, an undivided ½ interest in 39.32 acres southwest of 350th and Falcon Rds.; and 37.85 acres southwest of 340th and Falcon Rds.

Mary Beth Goering Trust and Marvin J. Goering Trust, trustee deeds to Gail M. Goering, 230 230th Rd., Lehigh.

Vaughn L. Juhnke Revocable Trust, trustee deed to Ruth A. Baldner, 607 S. Main St., Hillsboro.

Frank P. Tajchman, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Tiffany R. Cuesta, Joshua R. Tajchman, and Kristopher A. Tajchman, 420 N. 4th St. and 209 N. Locust St., Marion.

Mary V. Beeman, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Jon Beeman and Steven Beeman, 213 Pine St., Peabody.

Timothy P. and Lisa A. Donahue, corrective warranty deed to Andrew P. and Krista S. Donahue, undivided ½ interest in 2451 Clover Rd., and undivided ½ interest mineral rights only in 156.99 acres southeast of 210th and Zebulon Rds.

Dayle M. Unruh to Joel D. and Nancy K. Klassen, co-trustees, 311 S. Lincoln St., Hillsboro.

Curt N. Becker, quitclaim deed to Geneva H. Becker, Eugene H. Becker, Lois J. Unruh, Norma J. Gossen, Elaine J. Saunders, David L. Becker, 17.83 acres west of Indigo Rd. between 220th and 230th Rds. and 2234 Indigo Rd., Hillsboro.

Flint Hills Clay Works, Inc. to Car Wash Solutions, LLC, 110 N. 1st St., Marion.

James C. Siebert, also known as James Carpenter Siebert and Kathleen Marie Siebert to Arlie Bryan Siebert, trustee, Carolyn Wheeler Siebert, Sharon Machacek, trustee, Neil James and Christina Louise Hett, 153.51 acres southwest of Quail Creek and 180th Rds.

Terry L. and Brenda Edwards, to Sean D. Buchanan, 130 S. Thorp St., Marion.

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