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These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Jody Jolene Franklin and Stephen Kent Thompson, co-managers, mineral rights only to Stephen Kent Thompson, Gayland Lee Thompson, Jody Jolene Franklin, Mandy Lee Hiner, Justin Lee Thompson, Christopher Stephen Thompson, Aaron James Thompson, and Alexandra Grace Thompson, 315.39 acres southwest of 280th and Chisholm Rds.

Mark S. and Joleen K. Lyons to Warren Stanley Windsor, trustee, 809 N. Elm St., Peabody.

Fred D. and Polly A. Schrag, quitclaim deed to PF Quality Rentals, LLC, 303 B. St., Goessel.

DLH Enterprises, LLC to Stuart and Lea E. Isaac, 110 N. Main St., 110 ½ N. Main St., Apt. #1, 108 ½ N. Main St., Apt. #2, and 108 ½ N. Main St., Apt. #3, Hillsboro.

Dorothy M. Steely Trust, trustee’s deed to Allan D. and Margaret A. Steely, 374.99 acres west of Xavier Rd. between 320th and 330th Rds.

Allen D. and Margaret A. Steely, quitclaim deed to Allen D. and Margaret A. Steely, co-trustees 374.99 acres west of Xavier Rd. between 320th and 330th Rds.

Allen D. and Margaret A. Steely, trustees, trustee’s deed to Steely Farm, LLC, 74.94 acres east of US-77 between 290th and 300th Rds.

Irvin F. Isaac Revocable Trust, trustee’s deed to Stuart L. and Lea E. Isaac, 810 300th Rd., Durham.

Steven R. Berman, quitclaim deed to Steven R. Berman and Catherine I. Berman, 1706 190th Rd. and 9.99 acres northeast of 190th and Pawnee Rds.

Robert Perkins, quitclaim deed to Care Properties LLC, 206 W. B St., Hillsboro.

Ronald W. Woerz and Amber Moore, co-trustees, to Diedre Serene, 231 Tanglewood Ct., Marion.

Rubena Suderman, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Lola J. Unruh, 113 Willow Rd., Hillsboro.

Rachel Sue Harper Ice, mineral rights only to Sue Harper Ice Revocable Trust, 154.85 acres northeast of Upland and Northwest 80th Rds.

Lililan C. and Arthur H. Wedel, quitclaim deed to Jana R. and Howard C. Wedel Trust, 79.26 acres northwest of Upland and 30th Rds.

Wayne and Neva R. Kreutziger, quitclaim deed to Wayne and Neva Kreutziger Joint Living Trust, 882 120th Rd., Hillsboro.

Gerry Lynn and Charlotte C. Hagaman, quitclaim deed to Charlotte C. Hagaman, 908 E. D St., Hillsboro.

Leland D. and Verda M. Albrecht Trust, trustee’s deed to Terry and Carol Danahy, 834 U.S. Hwy 56, Hillsboro.

Ronnie and Carol Becker to Bradley J. and Sara M. Hiebert, 790 Meridian St., Hesston.

Last modified Nov. 2, 2017