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These deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds.

Mike and Donna Florence to City of Peabody, warranty deed; Lots 10, 11, 12, Block 32, North Peabody, Peabody, exc. S 4’ Lot 10.

Mike and Donna Florence to Brian C. and Sara L. Urban, warranty deed; part of NW/4 S29-T22-R04, one acre on E side NW/4.

Jerry D. and Rowena L. Plett to Jason D. and Amy L. Plett, warranty deed; part of N/2 NW/4 S8-T18-R04.

Bridgeway Investment Corporation to Poplar Bluff Inc., warranty deed; part of Lots 57, 59, 61, 63, Walnut St. North, Peabody.

Ty R. Zeiner to Donald J. Esch, warranty deed; Lots 23, 24, Block 1, Beebe’s Addition, Marion.

Donald L. and Doris J. Alcorn to Garry and Sharlyn R. Dunnegan, warranty deed; part of S/2 NW/4 S10-T20-R04.

Rosin Rouse to Matthew Heflin and Tamara Heflin, warranty deed; S/2 E/2 NW/4 S6-T19-R01.

Wilmer H. & Hildegard A. Thiessen Revocable Joint Trust to Richard Wallace, trustee’s deed; E 75’ N 120’ Lot 1, Block 6, County Clerk’s 8th, Hillsboro.

Melissa Raquel Meyer and Aaron Ray Meyer to Aaron Ray Meyer, quitclaim deed; part of SW/4 S11-T18-R04.

Kaylene J. Unruh to Janelle D. Ensign and Shannon L. Smart, transferrable on death warranty deed; Lot 10, Block 2, Dahl’s Second Addition, Hillsboro.

Mike and Donna Florence to Scott and Irene Lucado, warranty deed; Lots 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, Sycamore Street North, Peabody.

Darryl L. Ehrlich, successor trustee, to Janet Lynn Ehrlich Priddy, Darryl L. Ehrlich, and Carol Jean Ehrlich Stevens, mineral deed; SW/4 SW/4 NE/4 S22-T19-R03.

Kelly T. and Susan C. Robson to Vickie Kay Kraus Trust, warranty deed; part of Lot 1, all of Lot 2, part of Lot 3, Block 17, Billings and Bowers Addition, Marion, and part of SW/4 S32-T19-R04.

Ronald G. and Brenda L. Brown to Melvin Reimer, warranty deed; W 93’ Lots 23, 24, Block 4, Kliewer’s Addition, Hillsboro.

Paul R. and Elaine M. Morse to Arlie E. and Regina Overton, warranty deed; Lot 18 exc. S 35’, all Lot 19, Block 10, Freeborn’s Addition, Marion.

Norman E. Abrahams Trust, by successor trustee, to Jean L. Winter Trust, trustee’s deed; W/2 NE/4 S16-T20-R03.

Gary Floyd and Rebecca Pankratz, Jay Marc and Carlotta Pankratz, and Laura Kay and Charles Call to Elaine M. Morse and Paul R. Morse, trustees, warranty deed; SW/4 S13-T20-R03.

Gary Floyd and Rebecca Pankratz, Jay Marc and Carlotta Pankratz, and Laura Kay and Charles Call to Jean L. Winter Trust, warranty deed; W/2 NE/4 S34-T19-R02 exc.

Gary Floyd and Rebecca Pankratz, Jay Marc and Carlotta Pankratz, and Laura Kay and Charles Call to Ronald J. and Brenda G. Bartel, part of E/2 SE/4 S27-T19-R02.

Homestead Affordable Housing Inc. to Kelly T. and Susan C. Robson, warranty deed; Lot 5, Rocky Meadow Addition, Marion.

Shirley A. and Conrad B. Szabo, Larry W. and Diane L. Schmidt, and Karen J. and Roy W. Monroe to Matthew L. and Rachel R. Beverlin, quitclaim deed; part of NW/4 S36-T21-R01.

Toby R. Smith and Alicia J. Unruh-Smith to Timothy W. Bliss, warranty deed; W 40’ Lot 11, E 40’ Lot 12, Krause’s Addition, Goessel.

Bryan Douglas Pinkerton and Laura Mae Young-Pinkerton to Mark A. and Ginger L. Whitney, warranty deed; Lot 3, N/2 Lot 4, Block 48, North Peabody, Peabody.

Cleo Herman Jr. to Frank Lisle and Anna Confer, quitclaim deed; part of Block 26, Lost Springs Town Co. Plat of Lost Springs.

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