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These deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds.

Marc and Sara O. Grout to Mark A. and Karletta L. Brock, warranty deed; part of SW4 25/20/01.

Louise Janzen to Kenneth M. and Loretta G. Monroe, warranty deed; Lots 13, 14, Block 23, Southern Addition, Marion.

Leslie K. Byer to Gale A. and Neva B. Cooper, warranty deed; Lots 5, 6, Phillips Grandview Addition, Marion.

Harris R. and Debra L. Ewert to Harris R. Ewert and Debra L. Ewert, trustees, warranty deed; N2 S2 17/17/01 exc.; part of SE4, 12/20/01; SE4 SW4 5/5/2; S2 NE4 12/20/01; NE4 17/17/01 exc.

Gary W. Suderman to Jerry D. Suderman, quitclaim deed; W2 SW4 34/20/03.

Sheriff of Marion County to Federal National Mortgage Association, sheriff’s deed; part of E2 NW4 8/21/01.

Harvey and Pamelia Wells to Harvey and Pamelia Wells, quitclaim deed; N 40’ Lot 42, N 40’ W 10’ and N 50’ E 15’ Lot 43; N 50’ of Lots 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, Block 19, Fairview Addition, Florence.

Kathleen M. and Franklin J. Stucky to Dennis L. Smith, warranty deed; Lots 1, 3, Block 2, Ratzlaff’s 1st Addition, Goessel.

Lucille E. Bernhardt to Judyth E. Kill, transferrable on death warranty deed; SW4 29/17/04.

Jeffrey S. Saxton to Karl D. and Janine R. Schafer, warranty deed; Lot 7, Lakeside Subdivision, adjacent to Marion County Park and Lake.

William B. Stoltenberg to Cheryl L. Christensen, transferrable on death warranty deed; N 7’ Lot 10, all Lot 11, S 18’ Lot 12, Block 11, Interstate Addition, Marion.

L. Jake Wiebe to Warner K. and Susan J. Williams, warranty deed; Lot 17, Block 5, County Clerk’s 7th, Hillsboro.

Callie Jo Peterson and Andy Jones to Kristin E. and Andre E. Ebaben, warranty deed; E2 Lot 52, Miller’s First Addition, Marion.

Scott T. Garvey and Dwayne D. Helmer to Scott T. Garvey and Dwayne D. Helmer, quitclaim deed; NE4 and NW4 7/20/03.

Jerry J. and Judy E. Troyer to Jerry J. Troyer and Judy E. Troyer, trustees, warranty deed; E2 NE4 4/21/02 exc.

Philip J. Oelke by POA and Deborah L. Oelke to Bradley D. and Malinda D. Just, warranty deed; Lot 4, Block 9, Original Town, Hillsboro.

Jason D. and Amy L. Plett to PhilipJ.and Deborah L. Oelke, warranty deed; S 10’ Lot 4, all Lot 5, N2 Lot 6, Penner’s Addition, Hillsboro.

Kevin R. and Nicole M. Suderman to William J. and Tammy J. Bradford, warranty deed; part of Block 4, Vogt’s First Addition, Hillsboro.

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