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These deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds.

Gerald W. and Freda L. Ollenburger to Gerald W. and Freda L. Ollenburger, warranty deed; Lot 7, Block 1, Prieb’s Addition, Hillsboro.

Violet J. Dalke, Anita J. Unruh, and Amy J. Ratzlaff, trustees, to Violet J. Dalke, Anita J. Unruh, and Amy J. Ratzlaff, trustees, trustee’s deed; undivided ½ interest W2 NE4 13/19/01; undivided ½ interest E2 SE4 31/18/02; undivided ¼ interest E2 32/18/02 exc.

Ronald Stang, administrator, to Mark and Tonya Richards, administrator’s deed; PT NW4 13/20/03 (2 tracts).

Van and Linda Peters to Van and Linda Peters, warranty deed; E2 SW4 21/19/01; NW4 3/19/01; SW4 19/19/01 exc.; SW4 32/19/1.

Cinda Louise Anderson to Maynard K. Anderson Revocable Trust and Cinda L. Anderson Revocable Trust, warranty deed; PT SE4 21/17/02.

Joyce Webb, Billy J. Webb, and Nancy J. Webb, trustee, to Webb Family, LLC, mineral deed; E2 SW4 30/19/05.

Brady Wade and Lindsey Renee May to Richard L. and Catherine L. Cleeton, warranty deed; part of NE4 NE4 31-19-4.

Timothy A. and Mindy R. Richmond to Brady W. May, warranty deed; part of NE4 26-20-2.

Ernest A. & Elma R. Goertz Revocable Joint Trust to Glenn W. Unrau Revocable Trust and Mary Lou Unrau Revocable Trust, trustee’s deed; NE4 NE4 36-21-1 exc.

Leroy and Joan K. Tenbarge to Leroy and Joan K. Tenbarge, warranty deed; tract 1: N2 E2 SE4 30-21-2; tract 2: E2 NE4 31-21-2; tract 3: W2 N2 NE4 36-21-1.

Billy Wayne Lucas, by POA, to Jerry and Sheila Thouvenell, warranty deed; Lot 14, Block 16, Billings & Bowers Addition, Marion.

Flora A. Washburn to Virgil D. and Margaret R. McCarty, warranty deed; Lots 12, 13, and 14, Block 2, Fairview Addition, Tampa.

Ruth E. Goertz and Leslie Reiselt to Carolina E. Gurley, warranty deed; S2 SW4 21-21-1 exc.

Rodney and Mikki E. Oursler to Kelli J. and Jason R. Burke and Tommy L. and Debora M. Swenson, warranty deed; Lots 1, 2, and 3, Block 43, North Peabody Addition, Peabody.

Sheriff of Marion County to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, sheriff’s deed; Lots 12 and 14, Olive Street North, Peabody.

Roger Schwab to Jeffrey A. Richmond and Erica L. Mueller, warranty deed; Lot 3, Phillips Grandview Third Addition, Marion.

Andrew J. and Keli R. Wray to Kyle and Carolyn J. Janzen, warranty deed; Lot 1,Block 7, Penner’s Addition, Hillsboro.

S.G. and Marjorie E. Kurtz to Wayne A. and Loralee A. Wiebe, warranty deed; part of NE4 23-18-1.

Patricia E. Hamilton, trustee, to Marion National Bank, trustee’s deed; all of Lot 9 and south 43 feet of Lot 10, Block 11, Interstate Addition, Marion.

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