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Deadlines nearing for FSA programs

The end of the federal fiscal year is Friday, which means funding for Farm Service Agency administered programs of the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program, the Livestock Indemnity Program, and Livestock Forage program expire.

Producers can apply for a 2011 or 2012 SURE payment if a crop of economic significance located in a primary or contiguous disaster county under Secretarial Disaster Designation suffered at least 10 percent loss because of a disaster on or before Friday.

Crops are not required to be harvested on or before Friday to maintain SURE eligibility. A loss claim will only trigger after FSA determines that the loss was because of a disaster occurring on or before Friday. Producers should follow the crop insurance or Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program requirements for reporting their losses.

New enrollments in these programs cannot occur beyond this date unless Congress enacts an extension. In addition, authorized emergency haying of Conservation Reserve Program acres also ends Friday. CRP hay production must be removed from the harvested field within 30 days of the deadline.

Producers are reminded that in order to receive United States Department of Agriculture program benefits and payments, each payment recipient must have an Adjusted Gross Income verification consent form on file with the Internal Revenue Service. This consent is submitted on form CCC-927 for individuals and CCC-928 for legal entities. Without one of these forms on file, producers will not receive and may need to refund USDA payments for applicable program year.

Contact Marion USDA agent Bill Harmon at (620) 382-3714 for more information.

Last modified Sept. 28, 2011