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Deadline nears fornon-compliant docks at lake

Staff writer

The owner of one non-compliant dock at Marion County Lake corrected problems with their dock, Park and Lake Superintendent Steve Hudson told Marion County Commission on Monday.

Another dock owner asked Hudson what needed to be done to bring their dock into compliance. The remaining two dock owners haven’t contacted Hudson at all, despite a letter mailed to them saying any non-compliant docks will be removed May 1 from the lake.

The county requires that all docks at Marion County Lake be accessible from shore without a person needing to get in the water.

Commissioners instructed Hudson on Monday to give those dock owners a final courtesy call and send them a certified letter.

Any dock owner whose dock is removed because of non-compliance will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list to build a dock, to give others on the waiting list an opportunity to have their own docks.

The lake will have a volunteer work day 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. The event will include trash pickup and flower planting.

Last modified April 14, 2011