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Compiled from past issues

Jan. 7, 2004

Bob and Janelle Campbell of Kansas City announce the birth of a son, Seth Arnett Campbell.

Peabody Main Street presents “How Does Your Garden Grow—Roses, Resolutions, and Red Velvet.”

New eating establishments have opened recently. Cheryl Magathan mans the grill at Main Street Dairy Crème (formerly Doug’s Dairy Crème). Shirley Beckner prepares a hamburger at Shirley B Restaurant in the former Turkey Red Restaurant building. Dawn Setzer and Kristen Turner serve carryout and home-style sandwiches from the new deli going in at Peabody Market.

Jan. 12, 1989

Jack Hughes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hughes, probably will be going to Egypt in a few months as part of a project to survey 15,000 square miles of agricultural land along the Nile River.

Three Peabody students at Bethel College, Newton, have earned inclusion on the Dean’s Honor Roll: Janelle Arnett, Naomi Goertz, and Dawn Glaser.

Word has been received that Eleanor Brandt LaRue passed away several months ago at her home in Yountville, Calif. Eleanor and her husband, Henry Brandt, built and operated the Brandt Motel in Peabody in the 1950s and, 60s.

Jan. 9, 1964

Debbie Crawford won second place in the citizenship essay contest, “The Responsibility of Youth in Sustaining the Continuance of Liberty’s Flame.”

Ross Baker took over the presidency of the Peabody Kiwanis Jan. 7.

Kris McClure underwent an emergency appendectomy Jan. 2.

Jan. 8, 1914

Mrs. Bertine Pickney, widow of Col. Bertine Pickney of the 3rd and 20th Wisconsin Regiments of the Civil War, fell asleep at age 87 years and 2 months, on Jan.1, 1914. Col. Pickney died in 1909 at the age of 85.

Brown Corby, early Peabody resident and probably the most popular man in Marion County, died Dec. 31 at Axtell Hospital.

Frances Pearl Lauck became the bride of Oscar Hugenin of Windhorn, Mont. at the home of the bride’s parents. She was one of Marion County’s most popular and successful teachers.

Jan. 3, 1889

Some of the largest and best trees on Doyle Creek are being cut down for cordwood, and trees that grew to maturity before the country was settled are gone.

Mary Osborne gave a Leap Year whist party last Friday evening.

Two social hops were held in this city New Year’s night.

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