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Jan. 21, 1999

Adeline Spangler was a Friday dinner and supper guest of Ken and Amy Regier.

Editor Bill Krause said here it is, Jan. 22, and I have probably broken all of my New Year’s resolutions. At least I have forgotten them, so I presume they have all been broken.

Doe Ann Hague and Bradley Bartel are new additions to the Northview board.

dec. 22, 1983

Mabel Draper passed away Dec. 12, 1983 at Axtell Christian Hospital, where she had been a patient since Dec. 11, 1983. She was born in Marion County on March 20, 1888. She is survived by Mervin Carson, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Miss Jill Sims of K-State, Manhattan, is at home for Christmas vacation at the home of her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Tom Sims.

John and Joan Berns were Senior Center program guests last Thursday. They reported on their recent vacation in Antigua, one of the islands near Grenada.

Dec. 18, 1958

Arnold Berns, Sr., retired Peabody cattleman, narrowly escaped serious injury Monday morning when his 1958 Edsel was struck by a freight train at the Santa Fe crossing on Walnut.

Jack Dempsey, former heavy weight champion of the world and still a prominent sporting figure, stopped in Peabody Wednesday. Gerald McMillen, employed at the Dole Skelly Service put gas in a pink 1959 Lincoln. When the driver handed his credit card, it identified the driver as the famous Jack Dempsey.

Mrs. Earl Knust and Lori were dismissed from St. Luke, Dec. 11.

nov. 26, 1908

T.M. Potter received nine cars of cattle from range this week.

The ladies card club will entertain their husbands Thanksgiving night at the home of Mrs. F.H. McKercher.

Will Van Tuyl had two fingers on the right hand torn off by a corn-husking machine last week.

Nov. 15, 1883

A few choice Merino bucks for sale. Inquire of D.M. Greene.

The new schoolhouse walls are nearly ready for the roof.

Old father Regier, aged sixty seven years, concluded he could not travel through this vale of tears alone any longer and was lately remarried.

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