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Nov. 5, 1998

Beginning Friday afternoon, rain drenched the area, dumping anywhere from 6-11”. Extreme flooding occurred, making evacuation necessary for residents of the southern most end of Peabody Sunday morning.

Four thousand, three hundred ninety-seven Marion County voters marked the ballots for this year’s election, representing nearly 50% of the voters in the county. There was a Republican landslide. Senator Brownback won with nearly 75% and Jerry Moran carried 86% of the votes as U.S. Representative District 1.

OcT. 6, 1983

Bus representatives informed Peabody and Florence that there will be no bus service in the future.

Mark and Brian Obermeyer returned home Friday after spending a summer logging in Wyoming.

Jeff Moore, former Peabody High football stand out, was one of seven Southwestern Moundbuilder players honored by coaches in a recent 24-0 win over Tabor College on Sept. 24. He is a senior history major at Southwestern and is married to the former Carrie Egan.

Oct 2, 1958

The first frost of the year hit Wednesday morning, Oct. 1

Mrs. Franklin Homan dropped by the Gazette Herald office last week with a bouquet of “fall lilacs” from a bush in her yard.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Slocombe and Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Herbert and Pam spent Sunday with Elaine Slocombe at Christian College in Columbia, Mo.

Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Brewer, Douglas and Kathryn were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hansen.

oct. 3, 1908

M. H. Calbeck was re-elected president of the Anti-Horse Thief Association.

Andy Fost left Tuesday for a short visit to the Pecos valley to look after his claim.

Chris Nonken and wife, Miss Norma Alexander and T.B. Newell were guests of A.A. Fawley and wife in Clifford for Sunday dinner. The dinner was sumptuous and served in 3 courses.

Aug. 30, 1883

The new iron bridge across the Doyle at the foot of Walnut street is at long last here after a long delay and is now being put together. It will be a great convenience.

The Maypole dance will be one of the grand sights in Fanchon tonight. Have you got your seats reserved? If not, go at once, for they are being taken fast.

Tom Slaymaker has been on the sick list this week.

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