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oct. 23, 1998

Three new residents have moved into PCLC, Charlie Shepler, Lucille Schmill, and Marie Klingenberg.

Ross and Rosalee Baker returned home last Tuesday, Oct. 14, after spending three weeks in England with their son, Steve and Karen Baker and children, Erin and twins, Lindsey and Colin.

The Peabody Historical Society will be presenting a 1920s Home Tour, Nov. 15 and 16. Discovery of oil near Peabody in 1918 brought in a new era. “Black gold” gushed from the ground, allowing fortunes to be made overnight. The population swelled to 6,000 people and many new homes went up.

sept. 15, 1983

Mrs. Dorothy Rucker, veteran instructor in Peabody High School, did not spend Labor Day like most of us — camping, fishing, picnicking, etc. Instead, she participated in a somewhat more exciting event — a demolition derby. Mrs. Rucker was one of the drivers in a Powder Puff class at the demolition derby held in Herington.

Dr. Kay Crider Martinez and Chief of Police Bill Thoman were married Friday, Sept. 9, at Ponca City, Okla. The doctor will continue her practice at Axtell Clinic under the name of Dr. Kay L. Crider. Mr. Thoman will continue his duties as chief of police.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Freeburn hosted a barbecued steak and chicken dinner Sept. 5 to celebrate the 87th birthday of Keith’s mother, Mrs. Edna Freeburn.

sept. 18, 1958

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Beeton announce the marriage of their daughter, Janice Kay, to Frank Woodruff of El Dorado.

The Women’s Relief Corps met at their hall Friday, Sept. 12, at 2 p.m. We sent $5 to the Civil War Centennial Fund at Illinois in honor of Peabody’s Women’s Relief Corps.

Alfred Kirkpatrick underwent another operation on his back Friday at Omaha. This is the fifth operation Kirkpatrick has undergone on his back in recent years.

sept. 10, 1908

Cedar Point fishing has been even better than usual. T.L. Bauslin and J.O. Moffett, with their camping party, report a catch of 265 pounds, averaging from three to nine pounds, and we really think these figures are being conservative — for fishermen — because we had one of the fish. Channel cat, which is about the only kind found at Cedar Point, is good eating.

The marriage of Mr. Clarence C. Windsor and Miss Mabel Edna Davis was celebrated last evening, Sept. 9, at the home of the bride.

aug. 9, 1883

Silas Snyder had the misfortune of having some meat and lard, which was stolen from his cellar. As he is a helpless invalid, it was a more heartless deed than an ordinary thief would be guilty of.

Good wheat is worth 68-70 cents here, but Sterling Bros. paid 78 for one load yesterday. Oats are too good and too plenty to sell, bringing 10-15 cents, according to chance; better feed them to livestock. Butter is worth 8 cents and eggs 10 cents — at wholesale.

Miss Salinda Newcomer of Catlin township died on Saturday morning last, of typhoid fever.

oct. 22, 1998

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Pierce will celebrate 50 years of marriage in November with an open house hosted by their children.

Heather Wattson, daughter of Keith and Peggy Wattson of Peabody, is a member of the 1998-99 Tabor College concert band.

Gary Schultz resigned as principal of Peabody Elementary and Burns Elementary after six years.

sept. 22, 1983

Pfc. Tim Slocombe, who has been stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., is leaving for Germany, Sept. 22.

Gary Jones entered sweet clover and fescue at the Kansas State Fair and was awarded first place. Robert Moffett’s DeKalb C42 took first place in its class. Rodger Graham placed second in alfalfa.

Gaylon Graham and sons, Eric and Aaron, visited here during the week with Mrs. Lois Graham. Gaylon and Eric attended the bluegrass festival at Winfield. On their trip they met James and Carmen South who are residents of Arkansas City.

sept. 18, 1958

Vic Casper, local service man for Southwestern Bell, suffered a broken elbow last Thursday when he was thrown from a horse.

Lynne Kottwitz exhibited the two top Southdown sheep in the 4-H class at the state fair in Hutchinson this week.

Mrs. Lucy Clausen returned home after a visit of three weeks with her sons, Dr. and Mrs. R.E. Stroud and family of Topeka and Dr. and Mrs. H.L. Stroud of Prairie Village.

Bruce Sebree, 2½-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sebree, is carrying his left forearm in a cast because of an accident that happened when he was visiting at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hess, recently. A window fell on his arm.

sept. 19, 1908

The Braddock Aid Society was very pleasantly entertained last Thursday by Mrs. Harry Winsor, who served a fine dinner.

Mrs. Wm. Parris entertained at a two-course dinner last Thursday, her guests being Mrs. F.J. Griffith, Mrs. John Stretcher, Mrs. J. Berns, Miss Rose Berns, and Mrs. Charley Greene.

The Jesse James show will open here Sept. 25.

aug. 16, 1883

Mrs. E. Stewart, whose shoulder was broken while working on the Presbyterian church some two weeks ago, is slowly but steadily improving.

Emery Grinnell started on a business trip — selling wind mills — last week through the country.

A Mrs. Hall of Newton is spending the summer in Peabody, boarding at Mr. Weeks.

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