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Compiled from past issues

Oct. 20, 2004

Family and friends are invited to a reception honoring the 95th birthday of Margaret Jewell.

Ron Goodwin of Burns has been in the corn heating stove business for four years and says they can be used with corn or wood pellets.

Andrew Topham took first place Thursday in league competition with a time of 16.48 in the 3.1-mile race.

OCT. 19, 1989

Marilyn Lemley attended the Kansas Pharmacists Association Nursing Home Consultant Certification program in Lawrence on Oct. 15.

Family members gathered in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Seibel in honor of Mrs. Seibel’s mother, Mrs. Iva Newton’s 95th birthday.

Lila and Jess Richter of Peabody will be honored at an open house in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary.

OCT. 15, 1964

Harold Ensley, “The Sportsman’s Friend,” will be featured speaker at the Marion County Farm Bureau’s annual meeting to be held Oct. 19, in the Marion city building.

Roy Ulsh, well-known farmer of the Peabody area, died Thursday at the age of 68 years.

Kansas State University’s record enrollment includes Michael Coons, Marcia Gaines, Gerald Gregerson, Thomas Hansen, Gene Larsen, Arthur Paul, Dallas P. Paul, Jr., Ted Schupp, James Truax, and Charles Winter, all of Peabody.

OCT. 15, 1914

The annual picnic of the Anti-Horse Thief Association made more than its usual success this year. The old library building was used for displays of sewing, fruits, dairy products, grains, vegetables, etc. There were pumpkins and squash that would go into nothing less than a bushel measure.

The girls of the CC Club gave a delightful party in honor of Carmen McKercher. That started at the home of Marion Westbrook, and had fruit cocktail and wafers. The next course of oyster stew, crackers, and celery was served at Dorothy Bauslin’s. They then went to Corine Holmberg’s where they were served grape juice, wafers, and then chicken, potatoes and gravy, and sandwiches. At Lorna Millikan’s they were served salmon salad, wafers, and pink lemonade. The last course was served by Irene Jessen, Myra Smith, and Bernice Heath who, as they lived too far out to be included in the circuit, met at Cockleys’ Bakery where they had a beautifully set table in pink and white, and were served ice cream, cake, and mints.

oct. 3, 1889

An Italian bipedal orchestra made the air hideous with his attempts at music this week. He was gaily decorated and followed by about 50-school children part of the time, to his evident discomfiture.

C.M. Clark has just recovered from a spell of rheumatic indisposition or something of that kind.

Mrs. Chase is having good success with her select school and kindergarten in the old Baptist Church building. The 30 little folks there are busy, happy, and gay as can be.

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