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Compiled from past issues

jan. 12, 2000

Elma Koslowsky died Jan. 11 at Peabody Community Living Center. She was born on Jan. 16, 1905.

Ruth Topham of Peabody is the winner of a beautiful quilt raffled by the senior center. Raffle tickets were sold to the sum of $235.

Max and Leslie Cooper, Olathe, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Aaron Christian, who was born on Dec. 29.

jan. 10, 1985

Martha Beauchamp, formerly Slocombe, has been initiated into the Upsilon Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International in Arkansas City. Membership is by invitation only and extended to women educators who have taught a minimum of five years and are identified as outstanding.

C.H. “Bud” Seibel of Hillsboro died Sunday after a lengthy illness. Seibel was a widely known auctioneer and real estate broker in this area and for several years operated the Peabody Sausage House.

Jack Griggs became the first candidate for the office of Mayor of Peabody when he officially filed for that office this week.

jan. 22, 1960

The Peabody Hotel Café is under new management this week. Mr. and Mrs. James Gowen have taken over operation of the local restaurant.

Linda DeForest had the misfortune to break her arm on Dec. 3 and while her arm was still in a cast, she fell on Jan. 13 and cut a gash into her forehead that required five stitches to close.

Funeral services were held Jan. 15 for Arthur C. Meyer, 68, of Lindsborg, the father of Mrs. Ellis Craney of Peabody. He passed away Jan. 13 after suffering a heart attack.

jan. 13, 1910

It is not often that the youngsters have the opportunity for so many sleigh rides as this season has afforded and it is marvelous that no accidents have occurred, considering the risks taken.

To the ladies of Peabody — if you want your combings made into switches, puffs, or pompadour, send them to your friend, Mrs. H. Knott, 138 N. Emporia, Wichita. Please register your packages.

Lost Springs Athletic Club and a new club at Peabody will play basketball at the rink Friday night. Go and enjoy the game.

jan. 15, 1885

We suggest to the library committee that one of the most needed improvements to make the library a good place to spend evenings would be a change in position or elevation or more lamps, which would improve the light for reading.

Dr. Grinnell and wife start Friday for the New Orleans Exposition. Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Spencer of Catlin Township, start on Saturday for the same trip and will join Dr. and Mrs. Grinnell in Kansas City.

J.J. Jones’ son, Freddie, was severely injured on Tuesday by falling from one of the cattle chutes at the railroad.

Exports last week in car lots were 16 cars of wheat, four of hay, three of hogs, one of cattle, and one of oats.

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