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june 20, 2001

Jack Kirkpatrick was a writer for about 30 years, but not many people have read his work. Kirkpatrick, a 1957 graduate of Peabody High School, spent those years writing for the U.S. government. He retired in 1991 and moved back to Peabody last month with his wife, Carrie.

Wheat harvest began last week. Terry Eberhard of rural Peabody began cutting on the Craig ground.

Peabody Main Street members Mary Avery and Scott Meissen organized a group interested in the streetscape project for Peabody’s downtown area last week.

june 19, 1986

Marian Kurtze, 87, of Peabody, died Sunday at Peabody Memorial Nursing Home, where she had been staying the past few weeks. Her husband, Bob, preceded her in 1976.

Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Baker were overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Baker. They also visited Vivean Baker.

june 22, 1961

Morgan Wellington Mason, manager of the American Investment Company, died Saturday night at St. Luke Hospital in Marion.

Stanley Eitzen was the first in the area to report he was starting to cut wheat.

june 22, 1911

G.W. Camp is ill at his home. C.B. Underwood is caring for him.

B.T. Prather, MD, formerly of Wichita, is now located first door south of the Masonic Opera House.

june 17, 1886

Copious rains visited this region several times this week and corn is climbing heavenward, hand over hand.

E.K. Worthington’s residence has lately been in the hands of the painter and has a new dress.

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