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February 14, 2001

The first issue of your new colorful Peabody Gazette-Bulletin came off the press with fewer than anticipated labor pains last week and we were pleased. Susan Marshall received countless compliments, and she deserves them. Susan has proven even better than we anticipated and we have held her in high regard for years. Equally impressive was the dedicated work of Janet Post who is handling the sports news and has shared some great photos this week. — Bill Meyer

Jeannie Gervais, a senior at Peabody-Burns High School, is a semifinalist in the animal/pets category of the International Open Amateur Photography Contest.

February 13, 1986

The Marion County Commissioners named Wilbur Avery of Peabody to an important position Monday. Avery will be the at-large member of the District Judicial Nominating Commission of the Supreme Court.

Mr. and Mrs. Rex Jewell, Jona, and Jennifer of Manhattan were weekend visitors in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jewell and Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt in Florence.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Titus and Shelly and Pam Rickard of Newton, Joann Hicks, Crystal, and Sunshine of Hillsboro, and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Walker of Hope were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hicks.

February 9, 1961

Stanley Madsen was taken by ambulance Wednesday morning to the veteran’s hospital in Wichita following a back injury Sunday.

Last week, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Slocombe moved to the Glen Davis rental property west of Peabody, recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Jess Stucky. They have resided in Newton the past year.

Members of the Athena Club were entertained Thursday evening when they gathered at the home of Mrs. N.H. Poe. After Mrs. Poe told many interesting facets of her doll collecting, the group went to the home of Mrs. L.C. Walker where she and Mrs. Wesley Skaer served refreshments.

February 16, 1911

Kyle’s “jack rabbit” bill finally met a violent death. The bill provided for the payment of a bounty of 5 cents a pair for jack rabbit ears in every county of the state. This piece of valuable legislation occupied nearly one half day, resulting in a call of the house and was lost by a close vote.

A party will be given Friday evening by the 500 club at the home of Mrs. Willis Westbrook.

February 18, 1886

J.H. Morse, Esq., has employed a stenographer — Miss Louie V. Dietrich of the Oswego (NY) Photographic Institute. Any persons who desire copying done upon a type-writing machine can have it done satisfactorily by her.

The city well which is being put in for the waterworks will undoubtedly find an ample supply of water. At a depth of some 30’ a strong vein of water was reached and Messrs Trimble and Grayson, the contractors, were obligated to get a steam pump to get the water out fast enough to work.

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