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Compiled from past issues


The Peabody FFA is proud to announce the birth of the first embryo transfer calf from a heifer.

This is the final week for the Doyle Valley Market Gardeners. Frank Burns arrived a bit late on the scene with young guineas and several prospective buyers were muttering, “Next week I’ll get some.”

Selma Freda Tatro, 93, died on Monday in Moundridge.


A heavy rain all night Friday night and early Saturday morning brought the totals up to 5 and 6 inches in the Peabody area and to the west and north of Peabody.


Roy Larsen, district man for the Kansas Power and Light company, completes 35 years of service with the utility in September.

Burglers hit the Earl Graham Phillips 66 Station on the highway again Tuesday night. They broke open the safe and took about $100 in cash.

The Roy E. Smith funeral was Sunday afternoon at Baker Funeral Home. He was a long time Peabody businessman, having started in the Fred Petit store when he was a young man. He died at Long Beach, Calif., his home for the past several years.


The Fairplay Aid Society will hold a picnic on the lawn of the JJ Nichols place, south of town, next Wednesday, Sept. 7. Come with well filled baskets and enjoy the day.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mathoit returned last week from a 2-month long trip to Europe. They report a delightful time and particularly their visit in France where Mrs. Mathiot was born and spent her childhood.

Jacob Shutt attended a camp meeting in Wichita last week.


Mr. and Mrs. McCormich took a large lot of cattle through town on Monday to C.E. Westbrook’s pasture northwest of town.

Mrs. Crisfield has purchased F. Christ’s phoetom.

Mr. H.L. Lark, a prominent attorney of Harrisburg, Pa., has taken an interest in the banking business of Schupe and Tressler, and will settle in Peabody in the fall.

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