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Jan Ireland is still recovering from an auto accident that happened on Sept. 26. At this time her vitals are stable and she is semiconscious. The doctors have told the family that due to the many injuries sustained, recovery could take up to one year.

Lynn Balthrop and Burke Egner of Lincoln, Neb., were married in an evening ceremony Sept. 16 at Bethel College Mennonite Church in Newton.

Weekend visitors of Sadie Decker were Mr. and Mrs. John Smith of Colorado and Roger and Sharon Decker of El Dorado.


The Burns and Peabody communities were shocked Saturday by the death of Donna Stucky, 18-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stucky of Burns. She died sometime between 2 and 3 a.m., when she lost control of her 1978 Plymouth Voltaire northwest of Burns early Saturday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hansen spent the weekend at Emporia, guests in the Carl Bedner home.

Laura Slocombe and Helen Stucky entertained last Thursday evening at a birthday party for Mildred Windsor and Maxine Stockebrand.


Last Wednesday was the first frost of the year here and it was a good one. The mercury dropped below 32 degrees by 9 p.m., hit a low of 29 degrees, and stayed under the freezing mark until after sunup.

Mrs. John Heath, who became ill while visiting the home of her son, Dr. Douglas Heath in Burbank, Calif., was brought by plane to Wichita and entered St. Francis Hospital Tuesday.

Three outstanding musicians of the Peabody High School band have been chosen for top chair positions in the Emporia Youth Symphony Orchestra. They are Alice Schupp, Beth Berns, and Gerry Homan.


Geo. E. Morgan and family were in Pretty Prairie, Reno County, Saturday and Sunday attending the annual convention of the Kansas New Church Association of which he was chosen minister for another year.

Peabody was shocked yesterday to learn of the death of Mrs. Potter, wife of T.M. Potter. Comparatively few knew her, she was a fine looking woman who had been the picture of health. Last week she accompanied her husband to Topeka to undergo treatment at a hospital there and on Saturday. An operation was performed from which she seemed to rally well. Mr. Potter returned to Peabody and when appraised of the change for the worse was unable to reach Topeka before she passed away.


L.A. Shriver has gone west for 500 head of cattle selected by him from a herd of 5,000. They will be sold here on time or given out to pastures to feed. The above cattle will be number 1.

We understand that Shriver has a new bulldog to look after his cattle. Dog fanciers should see him.

Mssrs. Isaac Pecare and J.S. Bosline are attending the great fair this week at St. Louis.

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