• Last modified 1031 days ago (Nov. 22, 2017)


Damaged vehicles may flood market

Consumers purchasing used vehicles from private sellers should watch for severe water damage after summer and fall hurricane flooding.

There are potentially thousands of formerly waterlogged vehicles in the private seller market after hurricanes ravaged parts of the southern United States earlier in the year, the Kansas Department of Revenue warned.

Buyers should beware of vehicles advertised well below their value or if an inspection report predates hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It can take months for defects caused by water damage to appear, such as degraded electrical systems.

Licensed dealers are required to disclose all defects and salvage brands during a sale, but private sellers are not required to disclose vehicle history.

The Kansas Highway Patrol inspects out-of-state vehicle purchases, but inspections are performed after the purchase.

Last modified Nov. 22, 2017