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Dale Wien's GES third-grade class

Dale Wiens’ Goessel Elementary School third-grade class

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus? Is she 100 percent or is she only 1 percent happy? How are the reindeer? Do the reindeer eat magic corn? Does it help them fly? I want a Skylanders II game and Legos. I would like to give my Mario Wii game to Grant. Make sure you don’t wreck into our cow lot. I will leave you mac and cheese. Have you ever wrecked into a chimney. You are kind. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Are you on a diet and how many elves do you have? My guess is about 215. I have been awesome; how about you? I want an iPod and DS games. My sister Logan wants Legos and an iPod. Santa, you should not go down my chimney because it might be on fire. So I guess you will have to ask my cats for a key because the door will be locked. Does Rudolf like carrots or cookies? I will leave you carrots and milk. Do you ever go on a vacation? Have you crashed into the Great Wall of China? My sister and I say thank you for our presents! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Are your reindeer part of the family — yes or no? I have been really 100 percent this year. For Christmas this year, I would like a 12 mile per hour remote control car. I would like to get my friend, Grant, some Legos. I don’t have a chimney so you will have to come in the front door. I am really serious. I’ll leave popcorn and milk for you. Santa, are you still fat or are you just chubby? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How many elves do you have? Do you have a wife named Kody? Do you have any children? I have been very good this year. I want Lego Friends. I want tickets to Lego Land. Tell my dad that I am the best daughter ever. We don’t have a chimney. Do the girl reindeer have red noses? I will make cookies for you so I hope you aren’t on a diet. I hope you don’t crash the sleigh. Thank you Santa for all the presents you will bring to me. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Do you have a girl reindeer for Rudolph? How have the elves been doing? How many reindeer and elves do you have? Do you have maybe 100 reindeer on your farm and 25 elves? Have you ever had a dog or a cat? Can you buy me Lego Friends and get me a toy cowgirl and horse? Could you make a card for my mom and a picture for my dad?

If you break the window getting into my house, you are going to pay for it and the decorations on it. Oh, by the way, my room is pink and brown. I really like your reindeer, elves, and everything else you have. At my house, I will leave you carrots, cookies, and milk for you and water for the reindeer. Thank you for leaving my brothers and me lots of presents. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How can you get to so many houses in one night? How many toys can you make in one year? Have you ever crashed into the Great Wall of China? I do not have a chimney so you might have to get my axe and chop down my door. Can you get me a Nerf gun? I will leave you some traps for mice.

I have a smoke bomb set up at both my doors. Do not let my cats get on your sleigh. Santa, my dad hunts for coyotes at night. I have coyote traps set up at my house, so be careful. Sometimes I am outside at night, so I’ll watch for you. I always have cookies with me. If you want in my house you will have to ask a cat for help. Do you eat hot chicken wings? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Do you ever deliver toys to hotel rooms? Do you ever get over 100,000 lbs.? How old are you? I’m 1 percent bad 99 percent good. I’d like an iPod 5th generation, iTunes, UTV, and money. Make sure to give Jake lots of stuff. We’ve got a lot of lights and we live on Alamo road. Do the reindeer stink? This year I’ll leave you pizza sauce. Do you actually go through the chimney? Do you have a Christmas tree? Thanks for the toys. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How old are you? Where were you born? Do you have any kids? How is Mrs. Claus? I was really good, wait reconsidering … reconsidering … no, I was awesome! I want a tummy stuffer, two toy dinosaurs, a TARDIS tent and Doctor Who figures. I want to give Brianna a dog, dolls, toy horses and girl Legos.

We have a chimney, but you can use the front door. You can break the windows, too! You can land in the backyard. Have your deer ever crashed? Does Rudolph really have a red nose? I will leave you some pizza, milk, cookies and chocolate. How awesome are you? How nice are you? Thank you for the toys, clothes and other stuff. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Have you ever gone swimming in the summer time? Does your doctor tell you to eat fewer sweets? How many toys do your elves make? Who is your fastest reindeer? I’ve been 99 percent good, wait … reconsidering … more awesome than that. My wish list is a volley ball and Lego Friends.

Beware since I don’t have a chimney! So you might have to bust the window, but then you’ll pay for it! How many reindeer do you have? Do you have any baby reindeer? I will leave you a s’more and Dr. Pepper. How many elves do you have? I’m guessing 1,000. Thank you for the roller blades and Justice outfit. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Do you like cheese? Do you like milk? Do you have an elliptical exercise bike? Might be a good way for you to get exercise. I have been very bad. Reconsidering … scratch that. I have been good. Have you ever been over by the highway patrol? I want a toy highway patrol car and a toy John Deere tractor.

I’m hoping for Grant, Kacen, Jake, and Sam a toy gun. You should not go down the chimney because it is always on fire. Knock down the door instead. Are your reindeer fat? I will leave you two 5 Hour Energy drinks. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Do you have any children? What is your wife’s name? How many elves do you have? Have you been good, Santa Claus? I have been pretty good but also a little mean. For Christmas I want Lego Friends, an American girl doll, mp3 player and a phone. I hope Ashley gets a volleyball and Lego Dolphin cruiser.

Santa, do not go down the chimney, go through the door. Please leave presents by the Christmas tree. Does Rudolf’s nose really glow? Do you have any girl reindeer and baby reindeer? I will leave you spaghetti and diet Dr. Pepper. Have you ever wrecked the sleigh and how long does it take to go around the world? And thank you for giving me presents. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Who is your head elf and how many elves do you have? How is Mrs. Claus and is Rudolph actually real? How have you behaved? I have been wonderful! What I want for Christmas is Lego Friends, an iPod, and an American Girl doll. What I want to give is a Barbie doll and Legos.

Be careful when you come because we have a dog and some cats. The Christmas lights are bright and our Christmas tree is pokey. I will leave out milk, cookies, spaghetti and a 5 hour energy drink for you to enjoy. I hope you really come and leave us some presents. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

What are the names of your family members? What are the elves names? Santa, I have been both good and bad. Still, I want an iPod, Legos, and a pocket knife. I also want a horse for Kacen. You can’t come down my chimney since it is closed. Knock on my door because it is locked. Or you can ask the dog for the back door key. Do reindeer fly and eat carrots? Santa, do you like milk and do you still have a long beard? Thank you for the presents! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Have you ever crashed into the ocean? I have been 100% good this year! I would like a Nerf gun, remote control airplane, and DS games. My mom

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