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Dad, your Cubs rocked it

I simply could not stand commenting about the election this week — just could not. Have I told you I think the whole thing stinks? I am sick and tired of hearing about it, reading about it, seeing social media and print media comments about it, and I cannot wait until it is done.

However, there was a nice moment in the sporting world during the past week. My dad’s Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series. I never could understand why he was so loyal to them, but when he was growing up in northern Minnesota, radio station WLS in Chicago was a news, farm, and sports station with a giant broadcasting reach into hundreds of mid-western small towns. His family listened to it and he learned to follow the Cubs. After World War II, my parents settled in northern Illinois, he again became part of the Cubs fan base, and he remained there the rest of his life.

There are several Illinois transplants and Cubs fans in our area. It was kind of fun to finally see the Chicago team getting closer to the big win, although some of us thought it would never actually happen. Each victory was followed by comments like, “Well, that’s the last game they’re gonna’ take.” My own enthusiasm waned in that final game when I saw grounds keepers rolling out a tarp as rain moved in. I decided it was going to drag on forever and I gave it up. My telephone rang much later, pulling me out a deep sleep, and one of those Illinois transplants was yelling, “They did it! Did you see it? They did it!”

Since I did indeed miss it, I checked it out on social media videos the next day and even watched some of the big Chicago parade. Like many others who thought of loved ones who were loyal fans without the satisfaction of a World Series win, I thought of my dad and hoped he managed to sneak a peek at the action.

A couple of days ago I discovered hundreds of comments about the series on the Internet. I truly enjoyed reading them and since I have this column to fill, I am going to share some of them with you just because they are witty, moving, enthusiastic, and bittersweet. Nothing in the following paragraph is mine although I would love to claim some of them. These are just a fraction of what is available. I think they are a much better portrayal of our lives and spirit than the mud-slinging we have been listening to for months. Give me a good ball game over a bitter political slug-fest any day. Enjoy.

“Tears of joy…fans should get two week’s vacation…my ex-mother-in-law did not live to see this, God is good!... “Back to the Future” was off by one year…Yes, I’m crying…congrats from a White Sox fan from the south side…from a Dodgers fan… Go Cubbies, miss you Harry…Congrats from a long-time Yankees fan…Mets fan…Indians fan…long-time Royals fan…Rangers fan…Angels fan…congrats from a spoiled Yankees fan…I’m gonna’ cry…Huh? What election?...CUBS WIN!! CUBS WIN!! HOLY COW!!, so damn boring…gonna’ have to wait another 108 years until they do it again…Jesus is coming soon…yes, I’m crying…since I was a nine-year-old boy, I idolized Ernie Banks…congrats from Oriole country…love you Dad…love you Pops…love you Grandad…love you Mom…love you Grandpa…Indian fans on suicide watch…YES!!!...The rain delay was granddad popping champaign too early… three million people will be in the victory parade Nov. 4…made me forget our horrible presidential election for just a day…many messages in other languages…our city needed this!...finally I can say, MY TEAM WON IT!...well, Cleveland still has Lebron…Chicago, are you really the definition for being fans of your team? to be honest, I am crying…not crying, I swear…I LOVE U, CUBS!!...Harry, they did it!...Dammit, I’m crying over a team I don’t even like…love this…this has been amazing… one of the better World Series there has ever been…congrats from a Padres fan…this Cubs fan is in tears…Hope you’re watchin’, Grandma May!... never was a fan, but I’m thrilled they won…Yup, Harry, they did it!...Phillies fan with major respect…So much emotion! I’m a Royals fan…Okay, I admit it, I cried…Now our lives are complete…They did it Harry, this Bud’s for you!”

There, a happy ending. Now don’t you feel better?

—susan marshall

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