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division cases

This information was the most current on file in criminal division of Marion County District Court as of Friday. Information often is not available until more than a week after hearings. Journal entries must be checked before they are filed.

Mari Rose Belifuss, 513 Main St., Florence, charge of battery against law enforcement officer dismissed Oct. 14 with prejudice pursuant to plea agreement made in two other cases, costs assessed to the state.

Leah E. Powers, 3420 E. 2nd St. N, Wichita, pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license Nov. 3, convicted, charges of possession of marijuana, speeding (107 in a 65 mph zone), and transporting a child without safety restraint dismissed with prejudice, sentenced to six months unsupervised probation, $678.

Jerrod Albert McKenzie, 3804 Wilson Rd., Bakersfield, California, pleaded no contest Sept. 15 to possession of methamphetamines, sentenced Nov. 3 to 12 months supervised probation,$1,358 including $300 in restitution.

Douglas Bryant Eden, 134 N. Cedar St., Marion, pleaded not guilty Nov. 24 to three separate charges of domestic battery against Shannon Lee Eden, convicted of same crime within past five years, status hearing for both charges was to be Dec. 22, also pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal trespassing, criminal restraint, and disorderly conduct, brawling, in relation to one of three domestic battery charges.

Bridget Lea Williams, 317 N. Freeborn St., Marion, pleaded not guilty Nov. 24 to domestic battery against Clifton Richmond, pretrial status hearing was to be Dec. 22.

Andrea Deann Hendricks, 210 Miller St., Marion, pleaded no contest Nov. 24 to possession of methamphetamines, charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and transportation of an open container of alcohol dismissed with prejudice, convicted, sentencing scheduled for Jan. 14.

Gerald M. Shaw, 640 N. Houser St., El Dorado, pleaded not guilty Nov. 24 to criminal trespassing; at pretrial status hearing Dec. 9, entered plea of no contest to aforementioned charges, convicted, sentenced to six months supervised probation, ordered to write an apology letter to victim, must avoid contact with Tammy Britton, must return keys to her, $218.

Tiffany Miller, 705 W. 8th St. Lot D, Peabody, pleaded not guilty Nov. 24 to interference with law enforcement, possession of a stolen bicycle, and misdemeanor theft, pretrial status hearing was to be Dec. 22.

Lewis Ray Litton, 214 Pine St., Peabody, sentenced Dec. 1 to 12 months supervised probation for obstructing official duty of Peabody police officer Travis Davis, charges of possession of marijuana, pedestrian under the influence of alcohol, and public consumption of an alcoholic beverage dismissed with prejudice, fined $858.

Coy Alan Sherrill, 105 S. Kansas Ave., Woodbine, pleaded no contest Dec. 1 to possession of drug paraphernalia, charge of driving without a valid license dismissed with prejudice, convicted, sentenced to 12 months supervised probation, $218.

Adam Tyler Mosier, 403 Cincinnati St., Burns, probation revoked Dec. 10, sentenced to 120 days with Kansas Department of Corrections, probation to be reinstated after serving sentence for 12 months.

Brett Dee Harvey, 401 N. Ash St. Apt. 7, Hillsboro, furnishing alcohol to minors, sentenced Dec. 10 to 12 months supervised probation, can become unsupervised after six months, $463, must pay $200 immediately, can do community service for $7 an hour toward fine.

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